The Career Of A Speech Writer

17 April, 2014 (11:22) | Writing | By:

Online DegreeIndividuals who love the written word and have an aptitude for writing could be very happy in a career as a speech writer. Working directly with top business executives and politicians, speech writers determine what themes, points, messages or positions that individual should cover in a particular speech. Speech writers need to be able to live with criticism and negative comments on the various drafts of the speech and be willing to incorporate these changes into the final product.[...] Read More...

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A Career In Electrical Engineering Explained

16 April, 2014 (14:48) | Careers | By:

Electrical EngineerAs an electrical or electronics engineer, one is involved with developing, designing and maintaining electrical control systems, equipment and machinery. Electrical engineers work in a wide variety of different sectors, including those of power generation, distribution and transmission; transport networks, building services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and military and scientific research.[...] Read More...

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A Holistic Health Career Is Both Challenging And Exciting

15 April, 2014 (11:22) | Holistic Health Care | By:

Holistic HealthHolistic health is one of the most revolutionary and wide-ranging health career fields in existence. For those who are interested in an alternative approach to the healing of the human mind and body, this is one of the most rewarding and challenging areas in which to work.[...] Read More...

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A Career In Human Resources Management Is Challenging But Rewarding

14 April, 2014 (16:48) | Human Resources | By:

Human Resources ManagementHuman resources managers coordinate, direct and plan the administrative functions of a company or organization. They manage the recruiting of new employees, oversee the interviewing process and make final decisions about hiring new workers. They also often have to consult with top management about strategic and long-term planning issues and serve as a vital link between an employer’s workforce and management. Typical duties of a human resources manager include, but are not limited to:[...] Read More...

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Call Center Agents Are At The Forefront Of Customer Relations

11 April, 2014 (13:09) | Careers | By:

Customer Relations ManagementA call center agent or representative is an individual who deals with outgoing or incoming customer calls. He or she might be expected to handle customer complaints, accounts inquiries or support requests. Call center agents are sometimes also called telephone service or sales representatives, associates, attendants, account executives, operators, team members or customer service representatives.[...] Read More...

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A Career In Journalism Can Help Shape Our View Of The World

10 April, 2014 (13:55) | Writing | By:

JournalismMany journalists have very interesting and exciting careers. Their job is to inform the general public about events and news happening locally, nationally and internationally. They report the news for magazines, newspapers, television stations, websites and radio stations. As a result, a journalist can often have a profound effect on the way others view the world around them. One only has to look at how investigative journalism has made us more aware of environmental issues to see the truth in this statement.[...] Read More...

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