The Path to Crime Scene Investigation Careers

29 July, 2014 (10:36) | Careers | By:

Find Your CareerMany recent television shows and movies have glamorized the career of crime scene investigator. In realty, the job entails a lot of hard work and dedication, but it can also be intensely rewarding for the right person.[...] Read More...

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Top 6 Careers in the Field of Information Technology

24 July, 2014 (09:51) | Careers | By:

Explore the World of TechnologyDespite the booming population increases around the world, the planet is becoming smaller than ever in many ways. Communication, business and shopping have all changed due to the Internet, and all of that technology leads to new careers and employment opportunities for college graduates.[...] Read More...

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Find Your Niche in the Film Industry

22 July, 2014 (11:06) | Careers | By:

Share Your TalentEvery time you watch a commercial, your favorite television show or a movie at the theater, you may not think about what it takes to create that production. Countless individuals from directors to actors are involved in the making of a film or television show, and many of these people have years of experience in the industry as well as a degree in a related field.[...] Read More...

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The Road to a Non-Profit Management Career

17 July, 2014 (09:08) | Careers | By:

Make a DifferenceThere are two major groups into which all employers can be divided: Commercial for-profit companies and non-profit organizations.[...] Read More...

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How to Have a Career in the Music Industry Without Musical Talent

15 July, 2014 (13:08) | Careers | By:

Music Industry CareersMusic is the universal language that brings people together like nothing else. While you may have a passion for all things music, you might not have the talent to be on stage yourself.[...] Read More...

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5 Reasons to Choose A Career in Criminal Justice

10 July, 2014 (12:35) | Careers | By:

My HeroesIn order for society to be a safe for individuals to live, work and raise a family, there must be a system in place whereby criminals are held accountable for their actions. Typically, this is known as the criminal justice system, and it is made up of a variety of different positions ranging from lawyers to judges to police officers.[...] Read More...

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