What You Should Know About Online Administrative Executive Assistant Degrees

16 October, 2014 (10:25) | Careers | By:

Executive Assistant CareerBehind every great executive is an administrative executive assistant. This position is an integral role, and it can also be a fulfilling and challenging role for the right kind of candidate. If you are exceptionally organized, you enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle and you are eager to impress, then you have all the makings of a fantastic executive administrative assistant. Securing this position starts, in many cases, with earning the right degree.[...] Read More...

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Medical Laboratory Assisting & Medical Laboratory Technology Degrees & Careers

14 October, 2014 (15:31) | Careers | By:

Medical Lab AssistingMany people think of the medical industry as a field where patients are dealt with on a personal basis, but it is important to remember that the field is actually much bigger than what you see in a hospital. Behind the scenes, thousands of technicians, assistants and scientists work in laboratories to test new medicines, develop vaccines and study new treatments to find out how to best help patients.[...] Read More...

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Your Guide to a Career in Facility Management

9 October, 2014 (09:32) | Management | By:

Facility ManagementOn college campuses, apartment complexes, shopping malls and hospital grounds, there is a trained manager who takes care of the grounds and is responsible for its upkeep and security. Called a facilities manager, this position can be an interesting career choice for the right candidate. In order to become a facilities manager working in any one of a dozen different industries, you will almost always first need to have a degree in a related field.[...] Read More...

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The Online Degree That Can Take Business Global

7 October, 2014 (09:41) | Online Business Degree | By:

Global Business DegreeIf you have ever wanted to enter into the world of international business, there is almost no doubt that you will first need to earn some kind of a college degree. Thankfully, even if you don’t have the desire or time to attend classes on a traditional college campus, an online degree will suffice. One of the best options to pursue is in the field of business administration with a focus on global management. This can help prepare you for leadership roles with international and multinational corporations in Europe, Asia, North America and beyond.[...] Read More...

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Career Options for Those With a Health Care Management Degree

2 October, 2014 (11:59) | Health Care | By:

Medical & Healthcare CareersOne of the fastest growing industries in the United States today is health care. As the average age of the population increases thanks to Baby Boomers and obesity rates continue to climb, there is a greater need for trained medical professionals as well as support staff. Even if you don’t want to become a doctor or a nurse, you can take advantage of these career opportunities by earning a college degree in the right field.[...] Read More...

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7 Reasons to Earn a Degree in Restaurant and Culinary Management

30 September, 2014 (09:01) | Careers | By:

Restaurant ManagerIn the hospitality industry, a degree is not a requirement for many entry-level positions. Unfortunately, many of these entry-level careers don’t offer much in the way of salary or potential for promotion, which is why so many aspiring managers and leaders in the field opt for a college degree.[...] Read More...

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