Psychology Degrees Lead to Numerous Career Paths

24 April, 2014 (11:12) | Online Universities and Colleges | By:

Human PsychologyPsychology is the study of the human mind and how it influences human behavior. In recent years, psychology has become one of the most popular majors for college students, an unsurprising fact once you realize how relevant and exciting the subject matter can be. Majoring in psychology can be a smart way to prepare to become a licensed psychologist, but it can also be a wonderful tool for those who want to working in marketing, finance or even as writers.[...] Read More...

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Why Earning Your Master’s Degree Online Make Sense

22 April, 2014 (10:12) | Online Masters Degrees | By:

Female Online StudentA master’s degree is a graduate-level program that can help students to get ahead in their careers, increase their earning potential and find fulfilling employment opportunities. While there is no question that a master’s degree can be a smart move for an upward career path, it can be difficult to fit early-morning lectures or exams into an already busy schedule. Thankfully, an online master’s degree can be an obvious alternative for the modern student. Discover some of the key reasons why it makes sense to earn a master’s degree online.[...] Read More...

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A Career In Life Care Planning

21 April, 2014 (09:31) | Health Care | By:

Life Care Plan None of us like to contemplate the possibility that a catastrophic event might forever change our life. The reality is, however, that these things do happen; people are involved in serious accidents, some even go to war and might end up with permanent injuries such as the loss of limbs or brain damage. This is when they need a life care planner.[...] Read More...

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Nurses Serve Those Who Need Them Most

18 April, 2014 (09:41) | Nursing | By:

NurseThe job of a nurse doesn’t only consist of waiting on orders from the doctor and fluffing pillows. In fact, jobs in nursing consist of many of the same tasks that doctors usually perform plus the other duties of looking after patients in this caring role. While nurses are responsible for assisting with the treatment of injured and sick patients, they also offer emotional support and advice both to patients and their family members. They also take care of lots of paperwork, assist doctors with examining patients and provide follow-up care and advice.[...] Read More...

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The Career Of A Speech Writer

17 April, 2014 (11:22) | Writing | By:

Online DegreeIndividuals who love the written word and have an aptitude for writing could be very happy in a career as a speech writer. Working directly with top business executives and politicians, speech writers determine what themes, points, messages or positions that individual should cover in a particular speech. Speech writers need to be able to live with criticism and negative comments on the various drafts of the speech and be willing to incorporate these changes into the final product.[...] Read More...

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A Career In Electrical Engineering Explained

16 April, 2014 (14:48) | Careers | By:

Electrical EngineerAs an electrical or electronics engineer, one is involved with developing, designing and maintaining electrical control systems, equipment and machinery. Electrical engineers work in a wide variety of different sectors, including those of power generation, distribution and transmission; transport networks, building services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and military and scientific research.[...] Read More...

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