How to Take Advantage of Military Financial Assistance to Further Your Education

18 December, 2014 (10:30) | Going Back To College Online | By:

Military Educational Financial Aid Earning a college degree can be an obvious way to learn more about a given field, advance your career and greatly increase your earning potential. Those who are currently serving in the military, those who have served in the past and those who are dependents of military personnel can all get the education they want for less money thanks to military financial assistance. These are just some of the ways that military financial assistance can help you advance your education.[...] Read More...

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Top 7 Most In-Demand Online Degrees

16 December, 2014 (09:30) | Going Back To College Online | By:

Earn Your College Degree OnlineWe are firmly living in the digital age, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised that so many students are opting to earn their degrees online. Whether you want to get your high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in history or a master’s degree in engineering, you can complete the entire program through an accredited online college. While you should pick a degree that aligns with your interests and passions, you may also want to think about which degrees and major are most in-demand. The following seven degrees are in-demand and hold plenty of potential for graduates.[...] Read More...

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Earn Your College Degree at Any Age: Forget the Excuses!

11 December, 2014 (10:00) | Online Universities and Colleges | By:

Older College Graduate When most people think of a college student, they picture a fresh high school graduate of 18 or 19. While it is true that the majority of students living on college campuses and earning their undergraduate degrees are between the age of 18 and 22, that doesn’t mean that older students can’t have the same opportunity to get ahead. Whether you want to finally get that high school diploma or earn a bachelor’s degree, age definitely shouldn’t slow you down. These are some of the most common excuses given by older students as well as why each is far from the truth.[...] Read More...

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A Career in Nursing: Is it for you?

9 December, 2014 (13:55) | Nursing | By:

Nurse and Little Girl In the mid 1800’s, Florence Nightingale paved the way for modern nursing, advancing the craft to be symbolic with compassion, integrity and professionalism. Today, registered nurses constitute the largest sector of healthcare workers, with the US employing over 3 million nurses.  Yet, despite the fact that nursing is projected to be a leader in job growth, over 515,000 nursing related jobs will remain unfilled in 2015.[...] Read More...

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Online vs. Traditional Learning: A Comparison

4 December, 2014 (10:35) | Online Learning | By:

Online Learning In many ways, earning an online degree is identical to earning a traditional campus degree. Whether you are completing your associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree, both online and traditional learning programs help improve your knowledge, your practical skills and your ability to find work after graduation. However, there are also some big differences between the two. Find out more by comparing traditional and online learning programs.[...] Read More...

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So You Want To Be A Pharmacist?

2 December, 2014 (09:00) | Pharmacy | By:

Pharmacist and InternYou have done all the research. You have put in hours of thought and consideration. After a long deliberation it hits you. I want to be a Pharmacist. You feel great. You made the decision. The only question remaining is…how do I become a Pharmacist? If you are like the thousands of individuals contemplating a career in pharmacy then you have asked yourself that very question. So what is the answer? The short answer is, attend a pharmacy school. The long answer is a little more complicated. However, the good news is, three easy steps can get you on the path to becoming a pharmacist.[...] Read More...

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