Going Back To College Online – The Green Thing to Do

10 November, 2009 (11:35) | Going Back To College Online | By:

Going Green OnlineWhile there are many great reasons to earn your degree online, one additional element you may not have thought about as it relates to the online college experience is your contribution to the green movement.

Saving Resources

It’s true if you think about it…you conserve energy by not driving back and forth to campus and that means less fuel emissions into the atmosphere; you do most of your work on your computer, so you’re saving trees and resources used to create paper, textbooks, pencils, etc.

You’re Making a Difference

It may not appear to be a big contribution, but if you multiply the effort by the thousands of students participating in online classrooms nationwide, you’re all making a difference!

Take it one step further by making sure you turn off your computer when it’s not in use and turn off the lights in your study area when you’re done.

Remember, it’s all the little things you can do that add up to making a big difference!

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