Make Sure You Meet the Technology Requirements for Your Online Classes

11 November, 2009 (12:08) | Success in the Online Classroom | By:

technology for online classesStarting an online class without your own computer is like trying to peel an apple without a knife. You may be able to manage, but it surely won’t be easy!

Occasionally in my online classroom I encounter students who simply do not have the proper technology necessary to complete their required work. Colleges and universities offering online classes have a specific set of technology requirements you should meet in order to be successful.

Get Prepared Ahead of Time

Students are often required to sign an agreement or at least acknowledge during the enrollment process that he or she understands the necessary requirements . But often students are so anxious to get started in their classes, they often sign up to begin classes even though they know they do not meet these requirements. This is a big mistake!

If you don’t have Microsoft Word, for instance, and your assignments are required to be posted as Microsoft Word documents, you are setting yourself up for failure right off the bat. It just makes sense to get yourself set up with everything you need in place before you begin your classes.

Don’t Make Your Learning Experience More Complicated than Necessary

Getting started in the online classroom for the first time takes getting used to without the complication of not having the computer and software you need to get the job done right and on time! You’d be much better off to postpone getting started in your classes until you have your own computer equipped with the necessary software. offers a directory of hundreds of online degrees available through accredited colleges and universities nationwide.

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