Be Nice to Your Online Instructor and Expect All the Help You Need!

24 March, 2010 (16:39) | Success in the Online Classroom | By:

If I were starting an online class, here are a few things I would keep in mind to stay in good graces with the instructor:

•    Always address your instructor by name – whatever he or she prefers to be called. It’s just a matter of respect and you should expect the same from your instructor.

•    Turn in your assignments on time! Nothing is more irritating than chronically late assignments. It takes more time to go back and figure out deductions based on how late the assignment was posted and costs more valuable time!

•    If you have a question, be reasonable and post it in time to get a response. Your teacher is not online 24 hours a day, and you are not the only student with questions. It is unrealistic to post a question an hour before your assignment is due and expect to get an answer in time. It could happen, but don’t count on it!

•    Don’t demand help. Ask for it respectfully – your teacher is there (or certainly should be) to help you succeed and will be much happier to assist you if treated with due respect.

You don’t have to do a cartwheel to get the attention you need, just read your directions, analyze assignments carefully, ask questions when you need to and everything should work out fine between you and your online instructor.


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