Marketing Degrees and Non-Profit Organization Careers

8 August, 2008 (08:41) | Marketing | By:

Though you may not realize it, the non-profit sector has all kinds of jobs for people in various fields to tap into. One of those is Marketing.

Just like any other business, working in marketing for non-profit organizations requires knowledge in advertising, finances, and accounting, management, finance and information systems. And a marketing degree gives you an edge over the competition.

At an accredited online college, you will learn the skills you need to:
• Communicate information and sell the non-profit organization effectively
• Come up with creative events to generate buzz and interest
• Raise funds and promote the organization
• Market via print, broadcast and online media

No matter what the pay, no job is complete without a sense of fulfillment, and one way to give back to the community is by dedicating your time, skills and work ethic to a non-profit organization.


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