Victim Advocacy: Another Great Area of Criminal Justice

23 May, 2008 (06:20) | Criminal Justice | By:

A criminal justice degree can take you various places in law enforcement. One job is working as a victim advocate. When a homicide occurs, it is a terrible and tragic event but someone is needed to notify the victim’s family and provide medical crisis intervention and support to both the family members and witnesses to the crime – that someone is a victim advocate. Other job responsibilities include arranging the clean-up of the crime scene to informing the family about the autopsy results.

In addition to a solid education in criminal justice, certain character traits are needed to work in this field. A victim advocate has to be sensitive yet detached. One cannot get too involved emotionally in every case so there must be a balance to do an effective job.

An online degree in criminal justice gives you the foundational skills needed to a job well done and you bring the rest.

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