Pursue Your Athletic Passions With an Online Associate Degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology

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Many people love playing sports, watching sports or visiting the gym, but they don’t know how to turn those loves into a legitimate career. Perhaps the best way to be respected and hired within the athletic community is to have a degree or diploma of some kind that shows your knowledge and experience within the field. An associate degree in sports medicine and fitness technology is a great option and will take students an average of just two years to complete.

If you think you might be interested in this kind of degree, then consider studying online as a way to avoid many of the costs and hassles associated with a typical college degree. Read on to learn about how online degrees can save you time and money, what you can expect to study when earning a degree in sports medicine and fitness technology, what careers and salaries you can expect after graduation and what the prerequisites for this degree are.

Sports Medicine Fitness TechnologyUnderstanding the Benefits of an Online Sports Medicine Degree

Although students will have the option of choosing between a traditional college campus degree and an online degree program, an increasing number of students are learning that online degrees are the best option to save time and money. Rather than having set class schedules that can’t be changed, online students can study or even take exams whenever it is most convenient. Instead of spending hours in your car or on public transport getting to campus, you can save time each day by studying course materials and watching live lectures from the comfort of home. In addition, online students can slow down the course pace, or even speed it up, depending on how well they understand the material or even how busy they are.

What You Will Study For an Associate of Sports Medicine & Fitness Technology Degree

Pursuing an associate degree in sports medicine and fitness technology is an exciting way to learn more about the field of athletics and fitness. Students can expect to study a range of different subjects like human anatomy and physiology, nutrition for athletes, strength training, new technology in athletics and sports psychology. Keep in mind Sports Medicine Fitness Degreethat of the 60 credits needed to graduate with your associate degree, only half will be directly related to your major. The remainder will revolve around general education studies.

Careers and Salaries for Graduates

Graduates with an associate degree in sports medicine should be able to explore a number of different career options within the sports industry. A few of the most common positions include that of athletic trainer, nutritional consultant for professional teams, personal trainer or health fitness specialist. With just an associate degree, graduates can expect to earn an average of $39,640 annually. However, with growth in this industry forecast to grow by 24 percent over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, there is likely to be an increased salary average as well.

Prerequisites for This Degree

In order to enroll in this degree program, applicants should have a high school diploma or a general education degree, be over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment and have some background knowledge or demonstrated interested in athletics. Some applicants may be required to send in transcripts, character references or entrance admission essays as part of their applications. Any students interested in online studies will also need regular access to a computer and the Internet along with a printer and speakers or headphones.

If you are interested in sports and athletics, and you want to find a career that allows you to work in both, then consider earning an online degree to find the perfect job in the fields of sports and health. Begin your search for the right college or university and the right degree program at Accredited Online Colleges by visiting www.accredited-online-colleges.com.

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