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Advancing your degree is easier when you choose an online program. You can earn a bachelor, master’s and even a doctorate degree online in many areas.

Take Your Associate Degree up a Notch by Earning a Bachelor’s Degree

8 May, 2014 (10:41) | Advancing Your Degree | By:

Almost everyone understands, inherently, that there is tremendous value associated with a college degree. While there are always exceptions to the rule, most individuals in the United States will see their income increase along with their education. While a high school diploma is the first step, a college education is always better. While an undergraduate […]

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Pursue an Online Degree for a Career in Engineering

6 September, 2012 (08:05) | Advancing Your Degree | By:

Engineering is a large field, and it is one that can be very interesting to those who enjoy science. In essence, engineering is the application of scientific and mathematical principles to the physical production of items as diverse as chemicals, buildings and ships. Since there are so many different areas of engineering to pursue, it can be hard to choose just one area that suits you best. However, most engineering applicants have an idea about what kind of engineering they plan to study.

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Find Out Where You Can Get the Most Affordable Education

22 May, 2012 (07:39) | Advancing Your Degree | By:

Earning a college degree from an accredited college can be accomplished without going broke, according to Dr. Gary North.

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Fine Tune Your Skills with an Online Degree

20 December, 2011 (07:40) | Advancing Your Degree | By:

You’ve got a comfortable job and you feel good in the work you do, but who says you can’t fine tune your skills? The world is constantly changing and knowledge of how management policies are affected by globalization may be key not only to your success but the success of your company.

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Nurse Administrators are Leaders in The Nursing Profession

30 June, 2011 (07:52) | Advancing Your Degree, Medical Degrees, Nursing, Online Certification Programs, Online Universities and Colleges | By:

Nurses who wish to advance in the field of nursing often continue their education to pursue their nurse administrative certificates. Students who study for these certificates want to attain higher positions within the medical field. Individuals who are part of the medical profession, and enjoy supervising others, are good candidates for this certificate.

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Preparing for a Career in Local Government Management

27 June, 2011 (10:21) | Advancing Your Degree, Careers, Online Masters Degrees, Public Administration | By:

City managers, city and county department heads, county administrators, and city council staff are just some of the well-paid positions open to those with a Master of Public Administration. There are also multiple federal offices in most cities that require a well-educated staff.

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