Why Earning Your Master’s Degree Online Make Sense

22 April, 2014 (10:12) | Online Masters Degrees | By:

A master’s degree is a graduate-level program that can help students to get ahead in their careers, increase their earning potential and find fulfilling employment opportunities. While there is no question that a master’s degree can be a smart move for an upward career path, it can be difficult to fit early-morning lectures or exams […]

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Are You The Right Fit For an Online Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition?

27 December, 2013 (11:30) | Health and Fitness | By:

If you have long been interested in the relationship between food and sports performance, weight loss and health, then you might have already thought seriously about pursuing a career in nutrition, sports medicine or dietetics. If you are one of the millions of people with busy schedules, families and jobs, however, you might be struggling […]

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Explore New Careers With an Online Masters in Corporate Accounting

25 December, 2013 (09:39) | Accounting | By:

In order to become an accountant with a large corporation, you will need to have studied beyond just the bachelor’s level. In addition, you will need to know more about large-scale accounting for a corporation, which can differ substantially from bookkeeping for a smaller business or tax preparation for individuals. In order to get the […]

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Turn Creativity Into Cash With a Fine Arts Degree in Advertising

24 December, 2013 (09:08) | Online Bachelor Degree | By:

The fields of fine arts and advertising might seem completely different from one another, and the types of students who pursue each field at the college level are often completely different people. However, there is one degree that combines the creativity of design and the career potential of advertising. If you want to enjoy greater […]

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Uncover the Differences Between an Online MBA in Finance and Accounting

23 December, 2013 (09:08) | Online Business Degree | By:

If you have a business career that heavily involves finance or accounting, then you might have thought seriously about pursuing an MBA. A Master’s of Business Administration is one of the most popular certifications in the business world, and it can help to increase your earning potential as well as possibilities for new careers and […]

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Turn Passion Into A Career With an Online Degree in Film and Screenwriting

20 December, 2013 (09:08) | Online Bachelor Degree | By:

While most people enjoy watching movies, there is a small percentage of the population who go beyond simply liking the actors or enjoying the plot. These film-loving individuals might study camera angles, read the biographies of famous directors or even write their own screenplays. If you have a deep interest in film as well as […]

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