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Online Student in PinkAlmost everyone understands, inherently, that there is tremendous value associated with a college degree. While there are always exceptions to the rule, most individuals in the United States will see their income increase along with their education. While a high school diploma is the first step, a college education is always better. While an undergraduate degree can help you get your foot in the door, a master’s will make you eligible for the top positions in the field.

If you already have completed a two-year degree like the associate degree, you might be wary of heading back to school for your bachelor’s. Thankfully, it might be easier than you expect thanks to online colleges, and the reasons to pursue this advanced certification are endless.

Snag That Promotion

One of the most common reasons for a student to advance their college education is in order to be promoted. In many cases, having a two-year associate certification is a great way to get your foot in the door of a large company, and it may set the stage for a number of entry-level positions. Unfortunately, however, many hiring managers and business owners don’t feel comfortable promoting someone without a full four-year degree.

Even if you have the experience, it may not be enough to secure you a better position, a manager’s spot or any other kind of promotion in your line of work. Thankfully, your potential for promotion will increase substantially after you have completed a bachelor’s degree and you will be able to apply for and enjoy all the perks that come with moving up the career ladder. Find out how you can earn your bachelor’s degree online from an accredited college or university.

Gain Respect in Your Field

Whether you happen to work in the medical industry, real estate, finance or almost any other field, respect is a valuable currency that can go a long way in happiness at the office, opportunities for advancement and the best clients, shifts or work schedules. One of the things that often increases a person’s respect and prestige in the workplace is education.

While an associate certification certainly shows your peers, superiors and coworkers that you have what it takes to have your current position, advancing your degree after hire signified your desire to take on new challenges and command respect.

Balance Work and Study Simultaneously

In decades past, those who had already secure full-time employment had limited options when it came to advancing their college education. Unless you had the resources to stop working entirely and head back to school, or attend late-night lectures at a nearby college campus, it was virtually impossible to get ahead. Thankfully, that is far from the case is today’s world.

Accredited online colleges make it easier than ever before to earn a bachelor’s from the comfort of your own home. As long as you have access to a computer and an Internet connection, you can complete all the courses necessary to get ahead. Instead of being held in a classroom, lectures can be streamed live to your laptop, or you can watch the recorded versions at a later date when it is more convenient.

Your exams can be taken when it fits into your schedule, and you can decide when reading your course materials and participating in online classroom discussions is the best fit. While earning online degrees is still challenging, and requires both hard work and discipline, it can be much simpler and more affordable than having to attend a college campus multiple times each week for classes.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Perhaps the number one reason that students decide to pursue a four-year degree rather than just the two-year associate diploma is because of the increase in earning potential that those two extra years of study can provide. Although every salary is based on a combination of factors like the geographic location, the state of the job market, work ethic and loyalty to a single company, there is no question that education also plays a significant role in the equation of pay.

According to the Houston Chronicle, those with a complete two-year college degree could expect to earn a median salary of $39,936 annually in the United States. With just two additional years of college education, that annual salary turns into a whopping $54,756, on average. It is important to understand that the difference is not just the $14,000 extra a person with a bachelor’s can earn this year, but the total amount over the course of their working careers.

After just a decade of employment, that salary difference totals more than $140,000. After forty years of work, or a typical span for an American, that amount is more than $560,000. This statistic alone should inspire you to advance your education and secure that bachelor’s!Online Student

Explore New Career Paths

Even if you are already employed, you might wonder what other career paths are open to you. It is very common for those with an associate certification to want to change career paths, but the options can feel limited without a full four-year degree under your belt. Although it is most popular to pursue a bachelor’s in the same major that you already studied, it is entirely possible to pursue something new altogether.

If you studied information technology a decade ago, but you are more interested in engineering today, making the switch doesn’t have to be difficult. Since the core general education classes will remain the same, it is only the major-related classes that will change. With your bachelor’s in hand, you can apply for jobs outside of your current field, which might mean that you have a more fulfilling work life.

Enjoy Greater Stability in Your Industry

Along with the potential for career changes, promotions and increased salaries, completing your undergraduate education with a bachelor’s may be able to give you more stability. With the economy resembling a roller coaster with its ups and downs, stability is becoming an increasingly valuable aspect of any industry.

Although having a two-year degree can certainly provide some level of security, especially if you work for a firm in a thriving industry, there is little doubt that a more advanced education translates to a more secure position. If unemployment rates rise, it is often those with the lowest qualifications that have the hardest time finding work, so those with four-year certifications may have an easier time.

The Transition is Easier Than You Might Think

Thanks to the widespread availability and convenience of online degrees, it may be easier than you think to advance your formal education at the college level. Balancing family life, work and school can be a serious feat, but anyone with the right drive can get it done by setting aside time in the mornings, summers, evenings or weekends.

If you are ready to advance your career, secure that promotion, gain respect in your place or work or increase your earning potential, then you might want to consider upgrading your associate degree to a bachelor’s degree through an accredited online college. Visit to explore your options.

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