How a Degree in Leadership Can Change Your Career

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Without question, a college degree of any kind can be an important factor in advancing your career, exploring new employment opportunities and increasing your earning potential.

However, there are some degrees that can be especially helpful, particularly if you are ready to move into a management or supervisory position in your desired field.

An online degree in leadership is the perfect way to get ahead and is versatile enough to be applicable in a variety of different industries.

Explore more about the leadership major, what kinds of degrees are available in this subject, what kind of careers it can prepare you for, why an online leadership degree can be the perfect option and how this degree can propel you to new heights in your field.

Typical Subjects Covered in a Leadership Degree Program

The primary objective of any leadership degree, whether it is a business administration leadership degree at the associate level or an organizational leadership degree at the master’s level, is to prepare students to become leaders in the workplace.

Being a leader is about more than just taking control of the situation, and the right degree program will explain what it takes to become a confident, encouraging and respected leader. In order to achieve those goals, you can expect to take classes that fine-tune your communication, organization and management skills.

A sample syllabus might include classes like leadership theory, organizational change, workplace diversity, creative problem-solving techniques, leadership accountability and employee assessments. However, it is important to keep in mind that each school has a slightly different curriculum, and the exact classes you take will also depend on your level of education and your areas of interest.

Types of Leadership Degrees Available

There are four levels of leadership degrees available to aspiring students: the associate degree, the bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree and the doctorate. Beyond that, there are further subdivisions that differentiate between those who plan to work as managers of fundraising for nonprofits or those who plan to lead multinational organizations.

Whatever field you want to eventually work in, however, the first step should be deciding on which degree is right for you. With just a high school diploma, your choices will include the two-year associate degree and the four-year bachelor’s degree. Both of these degree programs are undergraduate degree programs, and they can be a great way to prepare for a number of entry and mid-level careers in a number of different industries.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, and you are eager to secure a more senior position, then the next step is to earn a graduate degree. The master’s degree is the ideal place to start, as it typically takes between one and two years to complete.

A master’s in organizational leadership is very popular, and it can be a wonderful way to prepare for positions in government or nonprofit organizations. If you want to secure any of the very top positions in your field, it may be worthwhile to earn a doctorate in leadership.

While these degrees can take as many as seven years to complete in entirety, they do undoubtedly open up new doors, potentially lucrative salaries and an opportunity to become an expert in your field.

Prerequisites for Enrollment in a Leadership Degree Program

If you have made up your mind and decided that a leadership degree is going to be the right fit for you, keep in mind that you will need to meet specific prerequisites before being accepted and then enrolled into a college program. If you are planning to apply for a spot in an associate or bachelor’s degree, the most important qualification will be a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree.

Beyond that, the specifications vary from college to college, but they may include copies of your high school transcripts, a minimum grade point average on a 4.0 scale, suitable ACT or SAT scores from a recent sitting of either exam, references from a previous or current teacher, a small application fee and even a full written essay.

If you are looking at applying for a graduate degree, the prerequisites will be harder to meet. In these cases, the absolute minimum requirement will be having a bachelor’s degree and a grade point average of at least 3.0 from your undergraduate career. You will also likely need to take and receive a suitable score on the GRE, or Graduate Record Examination. Some graduate programs also ask students to have a certain amount of work experience in the field, or to submit a proposal detailing the specific area of study they want to specialize in.

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Advantages of Choosing an Online Degree in Leadership

Leadership degrees are readily available at a number of traditional college campuses, but many students are growing increasingly interested in the idea of an online degree program instead. If you opt to pursue an online business administration degree in leadership, for example, you can tackle all of the coursework, exams and even lectures from the location of your choosing.

Instead of navigating busy parking lots, public transport or traffic in order to get to your lectures on time, simply log on to your computer and stream the class live from the comfort of your living room. Online leadership degrees are also ideal for those with busy lives, because it makes it much easier to fit work, study, social life and family obligations into a single week.

Potential Careers for Leadership Graduates

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of earning a leadership degree is the fact that it can be used extensively in a number of different industries.

With an associate degree in leadership, you might become the assistant manager of a retail store or become a supervisor where you currently work.

A bachelor’s degree in leadership might translate to a job as a department head, a managing director or a company manager.

Earning a graduate degree puts you in the position of being eligible for countless careers, just some of which could include leadership positions in government organizations, nonprofit agencies or financial firms.

The skills you learn during a leadership degree program can be useful in any field, as things like management and communication are necessary across the board.

Find out more about careers that require leadership skills from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How a Leadership Degree Can Help You Get Ahead

Earning a degree, or earning a degree more advanced than the one you currently have, will translate to great things for your future. With each degree you earn, you will increase your earning potential, adding to your earnings substantially over the course of your lifetime. You’ll also be able to command respect in the workplace, become eligible for new promotions or even leave your current field for a more lucrative industry.

With an online degree in leadership, you can fit a college degree into even the busiest of schedules. With this qualification, you will be ready to tackle the next challenge in your career or in your life.

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