3 Degrees That Can Help You Start a Career in Business

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Business DegreesOne of the most appealing industries is that of business. Whether you are attracted to the influence that business executives have, the lucrative salaries or just the excitement of this kind of employment, you might dream of success in the business world. Since business of any sort is competitive, it is almost impossible to get a foot in the door without having a formal education.

The best way to start a career in business is with one of the following three degrees: entrepreneurship, business administration and finance. Discover more about each of these options, what the degrees might entail, what skills you will need to succeed and how to earn your degree.

1. Earning a Degree in Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur, or someone who starts and runs their own business, is often thought of as the American dream. Rather than working in a typical office setting for a boss and not reaping the rewards of you own labor, an entrepreneur shakes things up, takes control of their future and runs their own company. While this can be rewarding, it is far from easy.

Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs jump into a new business without the proper training, and their business suffers as a result. If you have dreams of opening a new company or even just running an existing corporation, then earning a degree in entrepreneurship should be your first step. It is possible to earn a degree in entrepreneurship at the associate level, the bachelor’s level or beyond, but most aspiring business owners should pick the four-year bachelor’s degree.

This includes eight semesters of learning every aspect of starting, financing and operating a business, and it can be instrumental in your future career. Just some of the classes that you might expect to find on your curriculum with this degree could include employee compensation, product development, human resources, recruiting, operations management, investment analysis and business plan development.

Skills You Need to Succeed in Entrepreneurial Careers

If an entrepreneurship degree appeals to you, make sure that you are the right fit for this kind of degree and this type of career. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of effort and dedication.

If you prefer a stable career that allows you to clock out at the same time each day, then this isn’t the right path for you. However, if you are internally motivated, you have lofty career goals and you are confident when it comes to dealing with others, then an entrepreneurship degree might be perfect.

2. Earning a Degree in Finance

Another of the top degrees to consider for a career in business is finance. Every company, no matter what the size, requires financial advice. Creating a budget, balancing the books and determining how much to spend on things like marketing or advertising all come under the scope of finance, so there is a steady need for trained financial experts who can advise businesses.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in fact, the United States will see a 16 percent rise in the demand for financial analysts over the next decade. Financial degrees are available at the graduate and undergraduate level, but a bachelor’s degree is the best place to start. Over the course of the four year degree program, you will study courses like financial management, investments, securities, tax laws, risk management, economics and corporate finance.

All of this will prepare you for a financial management position, employment as a financial analyst or perhaps even a role as the finance director for a large international corporation.

Skills You Need to Succeed in Financial Careers

One of the first skills that come to mind for financial careers is math, which is integral when budgeting. However, perhaps even more important is confidence using computers and financial software.

Today, budgets, business reports and spending habits are all monitored through spreadsheets and computer programs, so knowledge of these is vital. In addition, the best financial leaders in the world of business will be incredibly detail oriented, be able to communicate well with high-level business executives and be able to analyze finances in order to come up with creative ways to increase profits or reduce spending.

3. Earning a Degree in Business Administration

Perhaps the most popular business degree in the United States is the business administration degree. That is because business administration is a completely versatile subject that can be useful in almost every area of business.

Along with studying integral subjects like managerial accounting, business law, microeconomics and organizational behavior, you can specialize in a niche area of business that appeals to you most. That might mean courses in marketing, advertising, human resources, computer programs or almost anything else. By combining a background knowledge in business with expert status on a niche area, you will be highly employable after graduation.

For an entry-level career, an associate degree in business administration may be suitable. However, those who want to secure some of the top positions in the industry might gravitate instead toward a bachelor’s degree and even a master’s degree, which will take an additional year to two years beyond the undergraduate level.

Skills You Need to Succeed in Business Administration Careers

Because business administration is such a varied field, there are a range of different skills and abilities that can come in handy. However, many of the most successful individuals in business administration tend to be skilled in basic computing, excellent multitaskers, confident speakers and great writers. If you think that you fit into this description, and you want to work in business, then a business administration degree may well be the right path for your future.

Getting Your Degree: What it Takes

Once you know which of these three degrees is the right option for your education, you will need to complete the process of applying to the college of your choice, meeting their admission prerequisites, getting accepted and then beginning the curriculum.

Choosing the right college can be tricky, but the first step is deciding between online colleges and more traditional campuses. Online degrees are readily accepted by employers, and they allow students to make time for other priorities in life. By streaming lectures live, working through coursework at your own pace and even taking exams over the Internet from the comfort of home, it may be easier than ever to get the education you need to start a vibrant career.

Of course, you will also need to meet the requirements for admission at the college you ultimately decide on. Some of the most common prerequisites include having a high school diploma or general education degree, being over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment, having specific grade point averages or having SAT and ACT scores that meet the college’s standards.

Succeeding in business nearly always starts with getting the right degree. Whether you are interested in entrepreneurship, business administration or finance, an online degree can be the right tool to jump start your career and get ahead. Visit to find out more about the right degree and college or university for you.

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