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Sports and Entertainment MarketingMarketing is defined as the process by which the value or worth of a product, service, brand or idea is communicated to the audience of potential customers.

The field of marketing is big business today, and just about every charitable organization, retail store, bank or business has a marketing department tasked with creating new ways to communicate the brand’s worth to their target demographic.

For those who are great communicators and creative thinkers, working in marketing can be a great fit.

However, many marketing professionals will want to narrow down their scope and pick one industry or type of work to focus on.

Two of the more glamorous fields for marketing are sports and entertainment.

Discover more about some of the most lucrative and exciting careers within sports marketing and entertainment marketing.

Sporting Event Management and Marketing

In the world of sports, there are several big events that take years of preparation to pull off successfully. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees work on creating big events like the Superbowl, the FIFA World Cup and the Summer and Winter Olympics.

Part of ensuring that these events are widely watched around the world is marketing the event to the right demographic as well as to the right sponsors.

In sporting event management, much of the job revolves around selling the idea of the event to as many people as possible.

Doing so might include creating an advertising campaign to let fans learn about the dates and times of the event, making sure that sponsors learn about how they can benefit from paying for advertising during the event, ensuring that there is positive press for the event and guaranteeing that everything from the venue to crowd security is organized well in advance of the big day.

Sports Team Marketing

Marketing an entire sports team often requires more employees than players on the team. Depending on the popularity and budget of a football or basketball team, there may be a dozen or more individuals who handle the marketing and advertising of the team as a whole.

Sports team marketing is all about helping the team and its players to gain recognition in certain cities and even around the globe. For example, a marketing associate for a large soccer team in the United Kingdom might be tasked with managing social media accounts for the team, drafting press releases about player injuries or upcoming matches or perhaps even re-branding the team to appeal to a wider audience.

To succeed in this kind of marketing position, it is important to be able to multitask and have at least a basic understanding of the team or sport that you will be marketing.

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Sports Agent

A sports agent is essentially a manager for an individual athlete. Most people are unaware that working as a sports agent could be considered a marketing job, but the reality is that acting as an agent is essentially marketing the athlete and helping them to be associated with value.

A sports agent might spend a great deal of time meeting with team owners, general managers or coaches to discuss potential contracts for their players and then to negotiate the details of the contract. The agent will have to emphasize the value, worth, skills and popularity of their client, which is truly the epitome of marketing.

Sports agents sometimes work for just one particular client, but they may also represent several clients who only occasionally need management. A sports agent might also be responsible for organizing appearances for their athlete clients, drafting press releases discussing charitable works or athletic successes and working to ensure that certain sensitive information never makes it into the public sphere.

PR Manager for a Celebrity

PR, or public relations, is another way of marketing a person rather than a brand or a company. In the entertainment business, a great PR manager is a necessity.

Although the adage that, “All publicity is good publicity” might be common, the reality is that actors and performers work hard to cultivate a particular image.

That might be the all-American girl next door, the heartbreaking ladies man or the glamorous diva, and PR managers work around the clock to ensure that nothing shatters that specific image and persona.

Just some of the things that a PR manager for a celebrity might do could include arranging interviews with journalists, organizing for their clients to call in on radio shows to get free publicity and ensuring that there are updated, attractive and flattering photographs of their client to use when magazines, books or websites request photos to go with articles.

Entertainment Journalist

A large part of marketing is communication. Marketing involves verbal communication, written communication and visual communication through photos and graphics.

For an entertainment journalist, the goal is often to use as many of the available mediums for communication as possible in order to create a story, promote a product or impress an idea among readers.

For example, an entertainment journalist who runs a music review website might regularly interview artists and performers while reviewing their newest albums.

The result will be a form of marketing that either subtly promotes the artist, is negative about the artist or wholly and enthusiastically supports the artist and their work. Some entertainment journalists work for news outlets like magazines, newspapers and online news platforms, but many are able to make a significant living by running and maintaining celebrity or entertainment blogs and websites online.

Sports Brand Marketing Representative

Marketing in the field of sports can mean representing an athlete, an event or an entire team, but it can also mean marketing a sporting brand. Whether that brand makes soccer balls, hockey sticks or running apparel, an entire marketing team may work to get the brand’s name recognition and reputation up around the world.

Some of the tasks that a sports brand marketing representative might handle could include things as diverse as working with graphic designers on packaging for new products, writing email campaigns to potential, past and current customers, working on ideas for billboard advertisements, getting together with creative in order to come up with commercials for television or for product placement ideas in films and deciding on whether or not to sponsor athletes or big sporting events.

Sports brand marketing representatives can work for sporting good retailers or apparel manufacturers, they typically work traditional office hours and they generally require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in subjects related directly to marketing or advertising.

Working in marketing can be a nonstop career choice with a lot of opportunities, and the hard work often pays off thanks to lucrative salaries. Whether you are interested in sports or entertainment, you can find a niche area of marketing that best fits your talents and your skill sets.

Along with a secure career and the opportunity to be involved in something you are passionate about, you may have the chance to enjoy the glitz and glamour of the sports and entertainment industries.

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