How an MBA in Corporate Finance Could Affect Your Career

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MBA in Corporate FinanceWhen it comes to advancing and shaping your career, there are few things more effective than an advanced degree. While there are dozens and even hundreds of degree types to choose from, the MBA in corporate finance is a top pick for many who want to advance their careers in the business world.

If you are at a point in your career that you want to move on to the next big thing, tackle more responsibilities, increase your earning potential or simply be promoted, earning an MBA in corporate finance could be the perfect opportunity.

Find out how this graduate degree can shape and mold your career in a variety of ways.

About the MBA in Corporate Finance

Before you start looking at the many potential ways an MBA in corporate finance could be beneficial to your future, it is important to take a closer look at the degree itself.

The degree typically takes two years to complete, and it often includes a type of internship, called a residency, within a large corporation. By taking classes like accounting, supply chain management, decision-making for growth and management skills, graduates will be in a position to tackle a new and improved career after graduation.
In order to enroll into an MBA program of any kind, you will first need to have earned a bachelor’s degree in a related field and have a minimum grade point average.

New Career Opportunities After Graduation

Perhaps the biggest reason to earn an MBA in corporate finance is for the new job opportunities that will be available once you graduate with a degree in hand. While many careers in corporate finance only ask that applicants have a bachelor’s degree, many of the best paying and managerial positions require candidates to have a master’s like the MBA.

There is no end to the types of careers that an advanced degree in corporate finance can prepare you for, but a sampling of the most popular options could include financial analyst, credit manager, corporate financial adviser, business consultant for a large corporation, internal auditor, corporate strategic planner or even a financial planning and analysis manager.
Most of the jobs within the scope of corporate finance can fit neatly into three main categories: leadership, strategy and accounting. Leadership starts with roles such as the CEO or CFO, and they can be some of the most lucrative jobs in the world. Strategy, which includes tasks like creating a financial plan for the next decade, can also be a fascinating and demanding area of the field to work in.
Finally, some graduates with degrees in corporate finance may work in the accounting and budgeting area of the business where they will be tasked with managing daily or annual expenses and determining the company’s bottom line.

Increased Respect and Prestige Within the Field

In the world of corporate finance, respect can go a long way in making an employee seem more valuable and effective in their position. Without an advanced degree, your superiors and peers may not give you the respect and deference that you feel you deserve.

Once you have completed a degree like the MBA in corporate finance, you will have the opportunity to gain respect and prestige in your office and in your industry as a whole.
Having an advanced degree in the subject means that you have proven yourself at a higher level, which may create more responsibilities for you as well as making you a top person in your field.

Higher Salary Potential

A strong reason to earn an additional degree in your field is to that you can earn a higher salary. Without question, earning a master’s degree will help you increase your earning potential in any field. In corporate finance, that difference may be even more pronounced than in other industries.

Even new graduates with an MBA can expect to earn well over $100,000 annually, and that amount may rise when you factor in additional perks or signing bonuses.
If you enjoy the work you do, but you are ready to advance your position and make more money, earning an MBA in corporate finance can be a smart option for your future and your financial stability.

Enhance Your Skills and Leadership Abilities

One of the main reasons to earn an MBA in corporate finance is to advance your leadership skills. Earning an advanced degree is, in large part, about getting promoted, earning more money each year and becoming better at things like corporate accounting and planning. However, the MBA is also a way to help you improve confidence in yourself and learn how to manage others.

After graduating with an MBA in corporate finance, you will be eligible for all kinds of managerial and supervisory positions that will allow you to use your new skills and help others to develop their own talents and work well in the office.

Potential for Paid Training from Employers

Believe it or not, there are ways for you to get ahead in your career without spending a lot of money on higher education. In many large corporations, employers will actually pay for you to earn your MBA. Although earning your degree while working full-time can be a challenge, it is possible thanks to accredited colleges and universities offering online degree.

Benefit from Additional Job Security

When you earn an MBA in corporate finance, you are making yourself a more attractive candidate to employers around the world. Every business needs someone, or a team of people, to take charge of their financial planning and future goals.

Therefore, earning the MBA means that you can work in a range of settings and industries in the future. If you are concerned about your job security at present, having an additional certification like the MBA can make all the difference in your peace of mind and your future options in a similar corporate finance position.

Expand Your Network of Business Contacts

Finally, an unexpected benefit of earning an MBA in corporate finance is that it can expand your networks. This can have a huge impact on your career right after graduation, but it can also be beneficial decades in the future.

In the business world, having the right contacts is one of the keys to success. When you earn a graduate degree in corporate finance, you will have the opportunity to meet and work alongside a variety of fellow corporate finance experts. These students may go on to be your peers, employers, managers or other business contacts one day in the future.

One of the most popular reasons to earn an MBA in corporate finance is to increase your earning potential. While the advanced degree can certainly do that, it can also affect your career by giving you more job security, making you more employable, expanding your contact network and helping you to become a better leader or manager in the field.

Whatever type of degree you may wish to pursue, start your search at to learn more.

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