10 Hot Trends Wedding Planners Need to Know About

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Wedding PlannerIf you are organized, creative and an excellent communicator, then a career as a bridal consultant or a wedding planner could be the ultimate career path for your future. With the help of an online wedding planning and bridal consultation certification, you can be prepared for creating wedding budgets, picking out decorations, helping brides develop their ideal visions for the big day and even negotiating with vendors to keep prices low. As a wedding planner, it is important to stay on top of developments within the wedding industry.

These top 10 wedding planning trends can make a big difference in the next event that you plan.

1. Pink is Back

Most weddings have a color scheme and one or two accent colors that are incorporated throughout the outfits of the wedding party and the decor. Jewel tones and metallics have had their heyday, and now many sophisticated brides are heading back to the original classics like pale pink.

It’s easy to look the blushing bride, after all, when you’re surrounded by peaches, pastel pinks and even bolder pink tones. Plus, pink has gained popularity as a color choice for men, which means that it’s no longer cruel to force the best man to wear a pink tie.

2. Great Gatsby Influences

The roaring 20s is in fashion once again, and a lot of it has to do with the success of the Great Gatsby film. The movie featured grand parties complete with extravagant fashion, gloved waiters and a big band, and those are precisely the types of things that can be perfectly incorporated into a wedding.

This theme is all about luxury, so some couples may have to limit their guest list numbers in order to create the upscale atmosphere they crave. Even on a budget, however, there are ways to embrace the 1920s. Try pearls instead of diamonds, feathers instead of flowers, gold instead of silver and an art deco font on the invitations and table cards.

3. Rustic Woodland Themes

A popular trends for weddings today is a rustic, woodland theme. The bride can still be a sophisticated beauty in a ravishing wedding dress, but small touches can help the white gown fit in with the forest. Braided hair complete with small flowers or a natural, twine-tied bouquet can help turn the trend into a reality. Add in decor touches like ferns in the floral arrangement, moss and driftwood as part of the centerpieces and even twinkle lights and an outdoor reception to round it all off.

4. Weddings: Unplugged

For most weddings, a sea of flashing lights as the bride walks down the aisle is par for the course. Unfortunately, that can take a lot of the beauty and enjoyment out of the day, especially if the bride and groom have their heart set on a more natural, scenic or outdoor wedding. For that reason, one of the hottest trends is to ask guests to remain unplugged during the wedding.

That could mean collecting cell phones at the door, politely requested that they aren’t used during the ceremony or asking that no pictures get uploaded onto social media after the big day.

5. Handwritten Invitations

With invitation printings cheaper than ever today, it has become increasingly popular to upgrade and seek out the ultimate way to invite guests to a wedding. However, a unique twist that is gaining steam is to eschew printed invites altogether. Instead, couples are opting for a simple handwritten invitation.

These may be in the form of a personalized letter or just a simple card, but they give a custom touch that can feel more natural and personal than a generic printed version. Of course, these handwritten invitations can take more time, especially for those with a long list of guests to invite, but they are a nice change and can also save quite a bit of money for couples on a budget.

6. Family Style Meals

Typically, wedding meals stick to one of two formats: buffets or plated meals and waiter service. While both options will certainly remain contenders for some time, a third option of family style meals is coming back into fashion. This means that waiters bring large bowls, plates and dishes of the appetizers, entrees and side dishes right to the table, allowing guests to serve themselves. This can be a way to keep costs low, just like a buffet, while simultaneously encouraging communication and interaction between guests.

7. Late-Night Specialty Snacks

Whether a wedding reception is lasting until nine or midnight, a late-night snack served a few hours after the meal continues to be a big trend and a huge hit with couples as well as wedding guests. Often a snack-sized portion or a smaller meal, this late-night delight can be a gentle reminder that the night is about to end, a way for guests to refuel after hours of dancing and even a way to sober up slightly after lots of drinking.

Couples often gravitate toward whimsical, fun late-night snacks like donuts, caramel popcorn, sliders or a nacho bar. The focus here is on festivity rather than on gourmet fare for most guests.

8. Elopement Parties

With the economy still down and wedding prices on the rise, there is no question that eloping is a popular option for budget-conscious couples. Of course, one of the downsides of elopement is missing out on the opportunity to celebrate with close families and friends.

A great compromise is to host an elopement party after the fact. The couple can share photos of their wedding, enjoy a few drinks but keep the whole affair on a budget. Since these events are so informal, inviting guests just a few weeks out is absolutely acceptable.

9. Seasonal Specialty Cocktails

Specialty cocktails are nothing new for weddings, but the trend here is using seasonal ingredients whenever possible. Rather than offering the traditional cocktails, wedding couples are embracing the local, organic and regional trends by choosing whatever happens to be in season for the surrounding area. In the heart of summer, that might mean a spiked lemonade with a blueberry garnish and fresh sage.

During the fall, it could be an apple cinnamon cocktail with a hint of sparkling wine. This seasonal approach adds to the occasion and sets each wedding apart from the next.

10. Honeymoon or Experience Registries

Since many newlyweds have lived together for months or even years before officially tying the knot, the idea of a traditional registry might seem outdated and even unnecessary. Couples who don’t need any more kitchen appliances can opt to register for honeymoons or experiences. This allows guests to give a specific amount of money for things like dance classes, flights to an exotic honeymoon location or airline credits for a trip one day in the future.

Whether you are still thinking about pursuing a wedding planning and bridal consultation certification online or you have been in the business for years, staying on top of the hottest trends in the industry can help you be successful in this competitive field.

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