Career Options for Those With a Health Care Management Degree

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Medical & Healthcare CareersOne of the fastest growing industries in the United States today is health care. As the average age of the population increases thanks to Baby Boomers and obesity rates continue to climb, there is a greater need for trained medical professionals as well as support staff. Even if you don’t want to become a doctor or a nurse, you can take advantage of these career opportunities by earning a college degree in the right field.

An online business administration degree with a focus on health care management, for example, is the ultimate way to prepare for administrative careers in the medical field. Find out more about what this degree entails, who can earn the degree, what levels of education are available in this subject and what some of the most popular careers are for graduates.

All About the Business Administration – Health Care Management Degree

Before getting excited about the many careers that this degree can provide, it is important to understand what the actual curriculum will entail. Of course, the length of the degree program and the exact components within will depend on a number of factors like what kind of degree you pursue, whether you opt for an online or traditional degree and even what professor happens to be teaching the class at any given time.

Regardless of these differences, however, the bulk of the courses will remain the same. A typical business administration degree with a focus on health care management will include subjects like medical terminology, business statistics, economics, budgeting for medical facilities, human resources management, health care ethics and health care facilities management.

Choosing the Right Degree Level for Your Future

There are three degree levels that you can pursue within the field of business administration and health care management. The first, an associate degree, is a two-year program that may be the ideal place to start if you want to break into the medical field but you have a limited amount of time to commit to an educational program. The much more popular bachelor’s degree is a four-year program, and it can be a more advantageous choice for those who want to secure careers in the industry.

If you are interested in becoming a high-level manager or supervisor in the medical world, then going the extra mile and earning a master’s degree might be best. This degree takes just one to two years to complete, but it requires that applicants have already completed their undergraduate education in a related field and have some work experience under their belt. Each of these degree types can be earned on a traditional college campus as well as through an accredited online college.

Prerequisites to College Degree Enrollment

Before you can enroll into any college degree program for business administration and health care management, you need to meet a few specific prerequisites. These may start with having a high school diploma or a general education degree, also known as a GED.

The least competitive colleges with high admission rates may only require proof of your high school education and transcripts, but more competitive schools require additional information before granting admission. These prerequisites could include a minimum grade point average, SAT or ACT scores, written admission essays, references from leaders in the community or teachers and even passing science and math exams to show that you are ready to handle college-level courses.

Advantages of Opting for an Online College Degree

Once you have decided to pursue a business administration degree with an emphasis on health care management, you can opt to attend a more traditional college campus program or earn your degree through an accredited online college. While both can be a fantastic option for students, there are some advantages that only an online education can provide.

If you live in a rural area, for example, and don’t have a college campus within driving distance, an online education can prevent the need for relocation or even lengthy commutes. If you already hold a full-time job and can’t carve out time for daily classes, you can instead log onto your computer and complete the work whenever it best suits your schedule. In terms of convenience and flexibility, there is no question that an online degree in business administration and health care management is a wonderful opportunity for busy students.

Careers in Health Care Management

Graduating with a degree in business administration and a focus on health care management means that you will be eligible for a number of different careers throughout the industry. The following are some of the most common choices for those working in the field.

Medical Service Managers

Sometimes called health care executives, medical service managers are some of the most integral positions in the medical profession. These individuals handle much of the administrative work for a medical establishment in order to allow the doctors and nurses to focus on patient care.

Some of the jobs of a medical service manager might include complying with health care laws, managing the finances of the medical facility, creating budgets, attending investor meetings or liaising with the board of directors, keeping open lines of communication between department heads and creating schedules for staff. A typical medical service manager in the United States can expect to earn an average salary of $88,580.

Health Care Facility Manager

In a hospital or a large medical facility, there may be dozens of managers and department heads. In smaller nursing homes or clinics, there may be just one overall facility manager that oversees the entire operation. A health care facility manager typically does not practice medicine in any way, but they may deal with clients as well as handle the entire administrative duties of the establishment.

Assistant Department Head for a Hospital

Most large hospitals are divided into departments like gerontology, gastroenterology, pediatrics and oncology, among many others. With just an associate or a bachelor’s degree in business administration and health care management, it may be possible to secure the assistant head position for one of these departments. While no specific medical training is required, you will be responsible for scheduling the shifts of employees throughout the department, scheduling appointments or surgeries for patients and even creating and submitting annual or seasonal budgets for the operation of the department. You may also need to attend facility-wide meetings on a weekly or monthly basis.

Health Information Manager

Every time a patient is treated, there is a staggering amount of information that needs to be saved and kept secure. Health information managers are the people responsible for inputting this data and storing it electronically so that it can be accessed by doctors in the future. To be a health information manager, you should feel comfortable using computers and have a minimum of an associate degree in business administration and health care management.

An online business administration degree in health care management can be an effective way to get ahead in the medical industry. Whether you want to become a health information manager or the manager of an entire clinic, this degree can help prepare you for the career of your dreams. Explore your options to earn your degree online at

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