Why Stay at Home Moms Benefit from Online Education

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Mom and Daughter It is no secret that getting a college education can be the key to a successful career. Numerous studies reveal that the higher your education, the greater your annual take home pay can be. However, many nontraditional students struggle with attending a typical college campus for their degree. With accredited online colleges, stay at home moms are realizing that they can study, earn a degree and still be with their children during the day. Here are just a few of the countless benefits that stay at home moms appreciate about online learning.

Gain Marketable Skills For The Future

For many stay at home moms, returning to the workforce after several years off can be a frustrating experience. Employers may want to hire people with more recent work experience, but you can stack the odds in your favor by advancing your education in the meantime.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, that could mean earning your master’s degree online while your children are still toddlers. Or, it might mean that a stay at home mom with children in school begins earning an associate degree in order to secure a higher-paying career in the years ahead.

Ditch the Campus Commute

Every mom knows that a short drive with kids is not as simple as it sounds. Thankfully, students earning an online degree don’t have to worry about commuting at all. You won’t need to rely on public transportation, parking in crowded campus parking lots or shipping the kids off to daycare when you attend classes.

Instead, everything can be done from home or the location of your choosing, and you won’t need to step foot in a college classroom to make your education happen.

Explore the wide range of college degrees available from online colleges and universities around the country.

Choose Your Own Hours for Study and Exams

While one of the major perks of an online education is that you can choose to study from anywhere, stay at home moms also appreciate the fact that they can set their own hours. Instead of waking up early and rushing off to a lecture before the kids are up or attending group sessions in the evenings when the family is having dinner, you can schedule exams, studying and even recorded lectures for whenever is best for your schedule.

If your child is sick, simply move back your schedule for a day and make up for it over the weekend. The beauty of an online education is that you have the power to take control of your schedule.

Become Your Child’s Role Model

Parents want to raise children that place a priority on important traits like dedication, hard work and ambition. There is no better way to reinforce these characteristics than to demonstrate them to your own children.

When young children see their mom hard at work studying in the evenings or talking about getting ahead in a certain field, they will see first hand how to achieve their goals. Teens and preteens can even join in as you both do your homework in the afternoons, which is something that can bring you closer to one another.

As a stay at home mom, you don’t have to give up on your dreams for higher education. An online degree can be what you need to get ahead in any field.


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