What’s in Your Future – A Job or a Career?

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Pretty College GraduateEven though you have to work at both, a job and a career are two separate entities.  There are major differences between the two kinds of employment. A job tends to refer to something less permanent as well as something that requires less training. A career, on the other hand, is a trajectory that you can follow, and the goal at the end is success in a particular field, an impressive salary and fulfillment.

Answer the following questions to determine whether a job or a career might be a better fit for your future.

Do You Want Stability and Permanence in Your Life?

This is one of the biggest questions you’ll need to ask yourself when deciding between a job and a career. A job might be a 9-to-5 role, but it might also be a night shift at a restaurant, a part-time gig as a babysitter or any other of hundreds or thousands of different temporary employment opportunities.

For many young people, these jobs are preferable as they allow you to think about what you would really like to do while still bringing in some income for daily expenses.

Indeed, some individuals are happy with the carefree aspect of having a job rather than a career, and it might even be best for those who like to move around a lot. If you prefer permanence and little more financial security, then a career could be a better option.

Are You Willing to Gain Credentials in Order to Secure a Career?

One of the things that separates a career from a job is education. In order to become a marketing manager, a doctor, a paralegal or countless other positions, you will need to have a formal education or some post-high school training.

If you are willing to put in the work and attend college or complete online training, then you are already on the right path towards finding the career of your dreams.

Do You Want to Enjoy Financial Success in the Future?

For many, a job is a means to an end. Jobs are necessary in order to make money and earn a living. However, they may not always allow for the same financial freedom as a true career. Jobs tend to pay hourly wages or perhaps commission, but careers are more likely to provide salaries as well as health, dental and retirement benefits.

Anyone who wants financial security for today as well as for the future might want to consider finding a career path rather than just another job.

Can You Pinpoint a Type of Employment You Enjoy?

With jobs, it is easier to transition from one field to the next with just a few weeks in between. A career, on the other hand, requires that you focus on one industry for the rest of your working life.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and some individuals are able to move from position to position while still staying on the upward trajectory for their career. If you know that you are passionate about one particular field, then securing a career can help guarantee your place within it for years to come.

While there may be some similarities, there are also some big differences between jobs and careers. Having the right education and resources can help you decide what option is best for you.

When you’re ready to get on the path to greater opportunities for a brighter future, start your search for the right degree program and online college that can help you prepare to make a difference. You can work at your “job” while you study for a worthwhile “career” – explore your options today!


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