How to Take Advantage of Military Financial Assistance to Further Your Education

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Military Educational Financial Aid Earning a college degree can be an obvious way to learn more about a given field, advance your career and greatly increase your earning potential. Those who are currently serving in the military, those who have served in the past and those who are dependents of military personnel can all get the education they want for less money thanks to military financial assistance. These are just some of the ways that military financial assistance can help you advance your education.

Post 9/11 GI Bill

Arguably the most common way to pay for your education if you have served in the military is to utilize the Post 9/11 GI Bill. This revamped GI Bill offers incredible educational potential to anyone who has served at least 90 days of active duty since September 11th, 2001.

If you served in the military for three years or more, you could have 100% of your tuition costs paid for in full by the U.S. Government. In addition, you can enjoy a stipend to cover some of your living expenses while you attend school full time, an amount that can be well over $1,300 depending on your location.

Passing Education Benefits to Dependents

Although the GI Bill is a commonly understood way of financing advanced education, what many people don’t realize is that these education benefits can be transferred to dependents.

For example, if you have served in the military for six years, and you are planning to continue serving for several more, you can pass your 100% tuition payments to your spouse or even to your children.

With this resource at their disposal, they can get a college education without ever paying a dime. Keep in mind that while fringe educational benefits like books or exam fees will be covered for dependents, they won’t be eligible for a living expenses stipend.

Army National Guard Options

Even if you do not want to become a full-time member of the military, you might want to consider joining the Army National Guard while you attend college. If you are an eligible student, you can take advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill for Selected Reserve.

This program gives full-time students $356 each month to use toward tuition expenses at public colleges, private accredited online colleges or even long-distance certification programs. If you already have college tuition debt and you decide to join the Army National Guard, you may also be eligible for debt repayment of up to $50,000 in exchange for a commitment of six years or more.

Voc-Rehab Benefits

Even if you’ve been out of active military service for a decade, it may still be possible for you to take advantage of military financial assistance to enhance your education.

If you have a service-related disability of 10% or higher, you will be eligible for at partial tuition payments for degrees that can help you to become better prepared for civilian employment. Those with physical disabilities can especially enjoy the ease of studying online thanks to Voc-Rehab benefits.

If you or a family member served in the United States Military, then you are likely eligible for some kind of tuition reimbursement or educational assistance that can greatly improve your future.

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