6 Skills You’ll Need to Earn an Online Degree

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Basic Computer SkillsWith the rising popularity of online degrees, an increasing number of students are turning to this convenient way of advancing their education. However, some potential online students are scared away, worried that they don’t have the digital literacy required to study through an accredited online college. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a computer expert in order to take a class over the Internet.

These six basic computer skills are the things you’ll need to be comfortable with before getting started. Keep in mind that if one or more of these skills is new to you, mastering them won’t take much time, and doing so can put you on the track to an online education!

1. Turning on Your Desktop Computer or Laptop

Starting from the very beginning means knowing how to turn on and operate your desktop computer or laptop computer.

This is self-explanatory, but it is a must if you want to tackle an online degree or even any of the other basic computing skills listed below. Included in this step is the ability to turn on and operate a printer, plug in headphones to your computer or manage the sound in order to listen to lectures online.

2. Word Processing

Whether you are studying history, a foreign language or anything in between, the ability to operate word processing software is vital.

Typically, the word processing programs you’ll use will be Pages or Microsoft Word. These programs are for when you want to type out essays or send messages to your fellow classmates. You don’t have to be a fast typist, but you do need to understand the basics.

3. Send and Receive Email

Email will be an important element of almost any online program. Your lecturers and professors might send you email to alert you of changes in the schedule and your classmates might request information via email for a group project. You should feel comfortable sending and receiving email on your own before beginning an online degree program.

4. Navigate the Internet

You’ll rely on the Internet heavily when earning an online degree, and you should have no trouble researching various webpages. Gathering information online is necessary for almost every course you can take.

5. Upload and Download Files

Once you’ve enrolled into an online classroom program, teachers may send files via email or link to files online, and you should be able to download these files to watch lectures or take exams. You should also be able to upload files, which might be necessary when you submit written essays or papers at the end of the term.

6. Save and Backup Files

Many online courses end with a final exam, essay or paper where the student compiles extensive research and writing into one big project. To ensure that you don’t lose all of your hard work accidentally, you need to be able to save files after working on them.

In addition, students should be able to backup files or save them to a flash drive so that they can be recovered even if something happens to the computer.

With these six basic computer skills, you will be prepared to take an online course and advance your education from any location that is convenient for you.

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