How to Say Goodbye to Distractions When You’re Studying Online

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Get Rid of DistractionsThere are an immeasurable number of perks that you’ll enjoy when you opt to earn a degree online. You might save money, you won’t have to worry about long commutes to campus and you can have a greater degree of freedom when it comes to the pace of your program.

Unfortunately, however, studying online means that you won’t have the campus environment to help you focus. If distractions are becoming a problem and getting in the way of your education, these five tips can be helpful.

1. Put Electronic Devices on Silent

Arguably the biggest distraction in today’s world is the smartphone. If you are trying to study but you have your phone on, you might hear beeps and pings every few seconds as emails come in, friends comment on your social media pages and you get alerts about upgrades.

Avoid all of these unnecessary distractions by turning your electronic devices to silent when its time to study. If you must keep your phone on in case of an emergency, place it away from your desk so you’ll only look at it if it begins to ring.

2. Study in the Same Spot Every Time

When you sit in the same chair at the same desk to study every time, your mind will begin to associate that spot with quiet, focus and mental alertness.

Whenever possible, create a quiet study space that you can come to whenever you need to get work done. Whether you’re watching a recorded lecture, taking an exam or just reading a textbook, you may find that you can concentrate best in your personal study spot.

3. Study When You Are Most Alert and Focused

Many students who are taking online courses leave their coursework until the very end of the day when they are already exhausted. Although being tired when you study is unavoidable at least on occasion for busy individuals, you shouldn’t make a habit of it. Try instead to complete your online studies earlier in the day or whenever you find that you have the most energy to tackle work.

4. Utilize Study Apps

If you simply can’t help but be distracted by various pages and social media online, a common distraction for those completing an online degree program, then a great option might be to download a study app. Applications like Concentrate and SelfControl both block certain websites for periods of time in order to help you focus on the task at hand. You can pick the websites that are the biggest distractions to you as well as the amount of time you would like to have them blocked.

5. Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

Last, but certainly not least, is the suggestion that you keep your friends and family informed of your study habits. If you have children, remind them that certain times are study times where you shouldn’t be distracted except in an emergency. If your friends constantly text you at night, kindly remind them that certain nights are designated for study, and then catch up with them on the weekends instead.

Studying online has plenty of benefits, but getting distracted is one big drawback. Using these tips can make it easier for you to stay focused when studying online.

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