Earn Your College Degree at Any Age: Forget the Excuses!

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Older College Graduate When most people think of a college student, they picture a fresh high school graduate of 18 or 19. While it is true that the majority of students living on college campuses and earning their undergraduate degrees are between the age of 18 and 22, that doesn’t mean that older students can’t have the same opportunity to get ahead. Whether you want to finally get that high school diploma or earn a bachelor’s degree, age definitely shouldn’t slow you down. These are some of the most common excuses given by older students as well as why each is far from the truth.

Excuse #1: It’s Too Late For Me to Change Careers

False! It is never too late to make a change in your life, switch to a new career or get ahead in your current field. Whether you’re 25 and you regret not attending college right out of high school or you’re 50 and you want something more out of your life, an advanced education can be exactly what you need.

Excuse #2: My Family Takes Priority Over Advanced Education

This is a common excuse for parents with young children or teenagers, but it shouldn’t be. By heading back to school and earning an online diploma or degree, you are serving as the ultimate role model for your children.

Going back to school shows your own children the importance of a quality education, and it also displays the will to succeed. Rather than just telling your children to follow their dreams, show them that you can do it too.

Excuse #3: I’ve Been Out of School For Too Long

Fear is the motivator behind this common excuse. In reality, however, anyone can adjust to being a student once again. If you are concerned that after 20 years you won’t be prepared to take a math class or write a formal essay, don’t be.

Remember that students enrolled in college classes or high school degree programs will be taught by experienced teachers and professors, so you’ll always have the necessary resources at your disposal. If you’re concerned that you don’t have the computer savvy to complete an online course, that too is a mistake. As long as you are familiar with the absolute basics, an online program can be within your grasp.

Excuse #4: I Don’t Have Time to Attend Classes on Campus

Along with age, some aspiring students are concerned that their busy schedules will conflict with class times and prevent them from getting a better education. Thankfully, online classes circumvent that problem entirely.

Whether you take care of your children during the day or have a full-time job, the flexibility of an online program allows you to combine your regular schedule and an advanced education. You can complete the coursework on your own time, from the location of your choosing and at the pace that best fits into your daily life. You can get a college degree without ever once stepping foot onto a traditional college campus, if you so choose!

Excuse #5: I Don’t Have the Money to Go Back to School

You just may be  pleasantly surprised and the many options available to help you return to school to earn  your degree. Whether you attend traditional classes or choose to earn your degree completely online, you can likely obtain financial aid. College must be accredited to be eligible to offer Financial Aid to students, so that is just another advantage of making sure the school you choose is accredited. There are loans, grants, scholarships and military educational financial aid to help you reach your goals.

Squash these common excuses and realize that no matter what your age, you are never too old to go back to school to get that college degree. Whether you want to earn an associate, bachelor, master’s degree or PhD, you can earn your degree online in most fields. Explore your options and get started.


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