Top 7 Most In-Demand Online Degrees

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Earn Your College Degree OnlineWe are firmly living in the digital age, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised that so many students are opting to earn their degrees online. Whether you want to get your high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in history or a master’s degree in engineering, you can complete the entire program through an accredited online college. While you should pick a degree that aligns with your interests and passions, you may also want to think about which degrees and major are most in-demand. The following seven degrees are in-demand and hold plenty of potential for graduates.

1. Master of Business Administration

In the world of business, having a bachelor’s degree isn’t always enough. A competitive job market means that employers are looking for candidates that have a master’s degree in business administration. This demand makes the certification one of the most popular degrees among online students, many of whom work full-time while completing their studies.

2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Many of the fastest-growing career opportunities are in the field of medicine, and nursing falls directly into that category. In order to become a registered nurse, or an RN, you’ll want to start by completing the bachelor’s degree in nursing. This four-year program can be completed online, and it paves the way for a lifelong successful career in the field.

3. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

Engineering degrees have always been popular, but there has recently been a distinct rise in the demand for environmental engineering degrees. These programs will teach students how to tackle the biggest environment problems of day, creating opportunities for a career in alternative energy or sustainable development around the world.

4. Master of Pubic Administration

Anyone interested in a high-level or management career with a nonprofit organization or a government agency may want to look into the appeal of a master’s degree in public administration. This degree is a prerequisite for many top positions, making it an in-demand program among online students who already hold full-time jobs.

5. Associate in Dental Hygiene

Those who are ready to find a true career rather than just a weekly paycheck often turn to the associate degree in dental hygiene. Its appeal has to do with the two-year program and the impressive salaries available after graduation.

6. Associate Degree in Medical Assisting

Another in-demand associate degree is in medical assisting. There is monumental growth in the medical and healthcare industries, and that includes positions ranging from medical assistant and administrator all the way up to surgeon. An associate degree in medical assisting allows students to enter the field of medicine in under two years, and it offers impressive job security in a time when that is highly valued.

7. All Degrees in Online Communications

Finally, it is worth mentioning that online communications, a relatively new field at the college level, is growing exponentially. Companies are eager to create an online presence, and students are thrilled to be able to study web design and social media on their way to a new career.

Each of these seven degrees are in-demand options among online students, and one of them could be the right pick for your future. Discover your options to get your college degree from an accredited college or university.

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