What Makes Business Administration Degrees so Popular?

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Young Business WomenThanks to the availability of online degree programs and the ease and flexibility that they offer students, almost everyone can pursue higher education. With dozens of different degree types literally at your fingertips, you may wonder why the business administration degree is so popular among today’s students. Believe it or not, the country’s number one online degree is the bachelor’s degree in business administration. Find out what makes business administration degrees a top pick among so many college students today.

This Degree Prepares You For a Range of Different Careers

There is no question that business administration degrees can prepare you for a staggering variety of potential careers.

Learning the basics about opening and running a business means that you might find work after graduation as an entrepreneur with a start-up company, as an accountant with a major financial firm, as a buyer for a big department store, as a financial analyst for a bank, as a project manager for an international real estate development company or countless other employment roles around the world.

Business administration is always in demand, meaning that finding paid positions with this degree in tow is often a breeze for graduates.

Versatile Subject Matter

Whether you are earning an associate degree in business administration over two full years or you opt to earn the four-year bachelor’s degree in the same major, you’ll have a syllabus full of interesting and varied courses.

Instead of focusing exclusively on one area of business, you’ll cover all the bases, which gives you a solid foundation for jobs in the entire industry. Just some of the many subjects you can expect to study could include finance, management techniques, organizational behavior, business communications, accounting, human resources and marketing.

If you find all or most of these subjects interesting, then you can consider yourself among the many college students that are naturally drawn to business administration degree programs.

Impressive Earning Potential

Of course, it would be wrong not to at least mention the potential for high salaries in the world of business. A significant portion of the college students who gravitate towards programs like business administration do so because they are eager to make impressive salaries in the field after graduation.

Working as a human resources manager with this degree can net you a median salary of $100,000 annually, and management analysts can expect average salaries of $79,000. While there is a wide range of jobs and pay depending on what type of position you have and where in the country you are employed, salary can be a big motivator for students selecting their degree major.

Interesting Courses That Do Not Require Specialty Knowledge

Finally, it is worth noting that business administration is a degree that doesn’t require a specific knowledge base like some subjects do. If you want to become an engineer, for example, you should be comfortable with all types of math. If you want to become a journalist, you should have exceptional writing and grammar skills.

In business, you have a little more flexibility. Math, writing and business savvy are all beneficial skills, but you don’t need to excel in all three in order to succeed. For these reasons and many more, business administration degrees are some of the most popular programs at both traditional and online colleges in the United States.

You can earn your degree in many areas of business through an accredited online college or university to learn what you need to know for real-world success. Start your search for the right degree program at



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