5 Degrees in the Health Care Field You Can Earn Completely Online

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Earn Your Healthcare Degree OnlineAlthough it is no secret that online degree programs are a popular option around the world, some aspiring healthcare professionals are concerned that they are too good to be true. Some programs, particularly in science and medicine, have laboratory components that need to be completed in a college lab setting. However, that is certainly not always the case. In fact, the following five healthcare degrees can be earned completely online, and you won’t ever have to visit a college campus in the process.

1. Healthcare Administration

In every healthcare facility, there are administrators who handle the everyday tasks required to keep such an institution working smoothly. Employment positions in the field of healthcare administration range from the manager of a small nursing home to the department head of a large hospital.

To succeed in the industry, you will need to have a degree in healthcare administration. Whether you opt for a two-year associate degree or a four-year bachelor’s, some of the courses you can expect to study include healthcare law, personnel management techniques, accounting, marketing, billing procedures, medical terminology and the proper handling of patient records.

2. Health Sciences

A health sciences degree is the perfect way for students to learn all about the science involved in the medical industry without the lengthy process of becoming a physician. Over the course of your online degree program in health sciences, your syllabus could include such classes as environmental health, healthcare policy, biology and chemistry. After graduation, potential jobs range from that of health systems analyst to pharmaceutical sales representative.

3. Medical Informatics

Over the past decade, almost all of the medical records around the world have transitioned from a filing cabinet system to a digital database. Managing all of this electronic health-related information falls under the category of medical informatics, and it is the ideal subject for someone who is interested in both the healthcare industry and computers. Common courses that you can expect to study while completing your online degree in medical informatics include things like creating statistical reports, understanding classification systems and retrieval programming.

4. Nursing Administration

Becoming a nurse can be a fulfilling career choice, but those who are more interested in maintaining roles behind the scenes can opt to earn an online degree in nursing administration. This degree program, which is often earned at the master’s level by those in search of the top positions in the industry, covers subjects like research methods in medicine, data analysis, the ethics of nursing administration and financial management. Once you’ve earned this master’s degree through an online program, you’ll be eligible for employment positions like director of nursing operations in a hospital, health policy consultant for an insurance firm or case manager for a social services agency.

5. Medical Assisting

Believe it or not, you don’t need to every spend time on a college campus in order to secure a hands-on career in the medical professional. By earning a degree in medical assisting, you will be able to help physicians treat and diagnose patients thanks to a curriculum focused on patient care, medical procedures, pharmacology and medical insurance.With one of these five online degrees, you can be prepared for a range of careers in the healthcare field. To get started with your search of accredited online colleges and the right healthcare program to meet your needs, visit

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