5 Careers You Can Begin After Earning an Online Criminal Justice Career

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Career Paths in Criminal JusticeCriminal justice is one of the most popular degree choices for students who want to advance their education entirely online. With a criminal justice associate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited online college, you can study the subject without every stepping foot onto a college campus. After graduation, you’ll be prepared to tackle a range of different career options.

These five employment positions are just some of the many varied opportunities you’ll have access to thanks to a degree earned entirely online.

1. Criminal Investigator

With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you may be ready to tackle the job of criminal investigator. This position is often associated with a local police force, but there are some private criminal investigators who are paid directly by their clients.
Criminal investigators investigate crimes from the beginning all the way through to the conclusion of the case. Their jobs include tasks as varied as studying collected evidence, investigating witnesses, interrogating suspects and serving as expert witnesses in the subsequent trials.

2. Police Officer

If you want to find a hands-on career in the field of criminal justice, then your online degree can be a helpful stepping stone towards becoming a police officer. Whether you work as a sheriff’s deputy or a police officer in the city’s local station, your job will be to uphold the law, arrest criminals and ensure that the local community feels safe.

If you enjoy changing routines and you wouldn’t be happy with a monotonous office job, then this career might well be the perfect choice for your future career.

3. Court Administrator

A degree in criminal justice will include courses like constitutional law and law terminology, both of which can prepare you for a role as a court administrator. This position will include daily tasks such as handling a court’s finances, arranging the trial and case hearing schedules, securing the many court records on file and answering questions from any individuals attending or participating in a court case.

If you are organized and you have a deep interest in the judicial system, then a court administration career is a smart option for you after graduation.

4. Criminologist

A fantastic base for a career as a criminologist is an online degree in criminal justice. The curriculum will help prepare you for working as a criminologist, which will include daily tasks like briefing police officers on potential suspects, profiling suspects to help narrow down a search and collecting data to help understand which demographics are more likely to be involved with certain crimes.

This is a research-based career in many ways, so it could be best for someone who wants to continue the study of criminal justice for years to come.

5. FBI or CIA Agent

If you strive to have a career within a major governmental agency like the NSA, FBI or CIA, then a criminal justice degree is one of the top ways to prepare. A varied syllabus that explains how laws are created and carried out makes graduates very employable in all types of competitive government agencies.

Whether you want to begin a career in court administration or on the ground as a police officer, a degree in criminal justice earned entirely online can be a great place to start.

Find out more about earning your criminal justice degree online and get started toward reaching your goals.

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