Is a Career in Hospitality Right For You?

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Hospitality CareersHospitality is a growing field, and it’s very secure. People will always need to stay at hotels, fly on planes, or eat at restaurants, so if you are looking for a recession-proof field, hospitality is a safe choice. All you need to get started on the path to career success is a degree in hospitality management.

Required Education and Courses

A hospitality degree should take you four years to complete, and during this time, you’ll be very busy. Students will learn how to perform entry level hospitality jobs such as bar tending, serving, and cooking, but management preparation courses will make up most of the program.

You will learn how to manage the rooms division of a hotel, how to schedule staff in a dining room, and how to plan and run large events. Accounting courses are also required, as are more general courses such as business communications, marketing.

Master’s level studies are not usually required, though some people may choose to pursue M.B.A. studies if they want to take their career to the next level.

Possible Career With A Hospitality Degree

Some people think that all you can do with a hospitality degree is manage a hotel, but nothing could be further from the truth. The hospitality industry is large and diverse, meaning that graduates can choose between a variety of career paths.

Graduates can work in hotels, restaurants, casinos, airlines, golf courses, ski resorts, or even cruise ships in roles as diverse as event planner, flight attendant, or manager.

Life In The Hospitality Field

A career in hospitality will give you the chance to meet lots of interesting people, and even to travel the world. Many hospitality graduates will go on to take jobs in other countries. Relocating is made easier by the fact that many of these businesses offer staff housing on-site.

There are also some downsides. Hospitality workers need to work weekends and holidays since these are the times that most people are off work and ready to spend money. If your friends or family have more typical 9 to 5 schedules, you won’t see them very often, and your ever-changing schedule will make it hard to make plans with them.

You can’t have an off day in hospitality. If you’re tired, sick, or just not feeling like talking to anyone, you still need to be cheerful and helpful to your guests. Some people describe hospitality careers as the lowest paid acting jobs in the world for this reason!

Hospitality careers are fun and exciting if you have the right personality for the job. If you like meeting lots of people, doing lots of different things, and don’t mind working some weekends and holidays, hospitality might be the perfect field for you.

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