5 Ways to Major in Art & Design

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5 great ways to love what you doIf you consider yourself to be a creative person, you might be drawn to the idea of pursuing a college degree in the field of art and design. Whether your passions are sketching, clothing design or creating websites, there is a degree program out there that can harness your abilities and interests and turn them into a legitimate and fulfilling career.

Find out more about five of the most popular majors in art and design.

1. Graphic Design

Whenever you browse a magazine, admire the poster for a new movie at the theater or check out the cover of a book, you’re soaking in the work of a graphic designer. If you have a natural affinity for colors, layout and style, then pursuing a degree in graphic design might be ideal.

Some of the courses you can expect to take with this program include advertising design techniques, typography, color combinations and drawing. Although being artistic is vital, much of the work done in graphic design takes place on a computer rather than with pencil and paper.

2. Illustration

A degree in illustration is often best for those who love drawing and sketching as their main hobbies. Through this degree program, students will learn all about illustrating thanks to courses like figure drawing, 3-D drawing designs and the most popular methods of illustration.

After graduation, some of the careers that you might pursue could include becoming a cartoonist, a children’s book illustrator or an animator for a film production company.

3. Web Design

When you think of artistic majors, tech degrees might not come to mind. However, a degree in web design can be a wonderful way to express your creativity through digital means. A degree in web design will typically contain subjects like programming, database design, network administration and creating pleasing user interfaces. If you believe yourself to be both tech-savvy and creative, then this is a fantastic major that is definitely worth pursuing at a traditional or online college.

4. Game Design

While many individuals love playing video games, few people realize that designing those games can actually be a legitimate career. To prepare to become an app game designer or a video game designer, majoring in game design is key.

Subjects included in this program generally include character creation, texture mapping, 3-D modeling, game progression, interface design and story layout. For those with an interest in animation and video games, this degree is a clear winner.

5. Fashion Design

Anyone with a passion for fashion might want to consider a degree that capitalizes on the things that interest you most. Beyond just admiring clothes, a fashion degree will teach you about textiles, color schemes, how to make clothing and what kinds of clothing look best on what body types.

Graduating with a degree in fashion design can prepare you for a career in fashion sales, fashion marketing, design or even personal styling.

If you are fascinated by art and design and spend your free time pursuing either field, then it makes sense to pick out a related college major. Each of these options lets you embrace your creativity while still preparing for a financially secure future.


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