7 Ways to Improve Your Study Skills

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Online Student ven if you are smart and passionate about a subject, you will only do well at the college level if you are also focused, determined and organized. The latter group of traits often has a lot to do with study skills, which are a must if you are going to be self-disciplined and earn an online degree from the comfort of home.

These seven tips can go a long way in helping you to develop your study skills.

1. Get Into a Groove

One of the worst ways to study is to pick it up for a few minutes, get distracted and then move on to the next thing. Many students find that they can get in a groove after 30 minutes of study, so create blocks of time that allow you to do just that.

These blocks could be first thing in the morning or right before you head to bed depending on your personal preference and your schedule.

2. Learn How to Take Notes More Efficiently

Taking notes is one of the most effective ways to retain information, particularly when you’re watching a live streaming lecture on your computer as part of your online degree program.

Decide whether typing or writing by hand is best for you, and then make a habit of taking notes as often as possible. Immediately after the lecture, go over your notes to remember the information, and then refer to them before exams.

3. Keep Your Study Materials in One Place

You will be better equipped to study if you keep all of your materials in one place. Whenever possible, create a desk or study space that is devoted to your online learning.

4. Take Scheduled Breaks

After 90 minutes of staring at the screen, you might begin to feel your mind wandering and your focus gone entirely. Whenever you’re planning to study for long periods of time, schedule short breaks to grab a snack or a glass of water, stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

5. Use the Study Techniques That Work Best For You

Rather than sticking with a study technique that doesn’t bring you results, focus on those techniques that are effective. You might remember information after being quizzed, or you might prefer to make flashcards.

One of the most important study skills you can have is knowing what techniques work for you and how to implement them into your regular academic routine.

6. Create a Checklist for Each Course or Class

Staying organized is key if you want to be a better online student. To stay organized, try making a checklist on the first day of each online course. Being able to physically see what needs to be done, which might be quizzes, papers or exams, can help you to stay on track.

7. Make Studying a Priority

Finally, you simply have to make studying a priority. That means scheduling in a few hours of reading time on a Saturday morning or turning off your phone and resisting social media when you do sit down and focus on studying.

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