What Makes Accounting Such a Popular College Major?

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Female Accountant at Desk Whether you plan to attend a traditional college campus or you’re gravitating towards an accredited online college, you’ll have a wide selection of courses and majors to choose from. One of the most popular majors for decades has been accounting, which might come as a surprise.

Uncover what makes accounting such a popular course of study, and then determine whether an accounting degree could be right choice for your career path.

Accounting Majors Can Choose From Several Career Paths

One of the biggest reasons that so many college students decide to study accounting is because after graduation, they will have a number of different careers paths to choose from.

You can become an accountant or a CPA with a big corporation, as many graduates do, but that isn’t your only option.

You could also become the payroll specialist for a startup tech company, you could become a forensic accountant for a government agency like the CIA or FBI or you could be equipped with the financial skills necessary to start a small business. Accountants are necessary in every field, so your education can transfer to whatever area most interests you.

Accounting is Ideal for Students Who Love Math

If you excelled in math in high school and preferred dealing with numbers to dealing with words in literature class, then accounting might be a natural fit for your talents. Many accountants find what they do to be challenging and interesting, which makes each day of work a fulfilling one.

Although things like potential salary, career trajectory and family expectations often influence college students when it comes to selecting a major, students are often happiest when they choose a subject that comes naturally to them and that they genuinely enjoy.

Graduates Can Enjoy Impressive Earning Potential

After the recent dip in the economy, an increasing number of students want to secure careers in a field that offers financial rewards. With just a bachelor’s degree, graduates in accounting can expect to earn average salaries of $63,550 each year.

At well over the national average, accounting salaries are a great reason to enter the field. With additional experience, a master’s degree or a specialization in a specific field like auditing or forensic accounting, professionals in accounting can expect their salaries as well as their benefits to grow even higher.

The Field of Accounting is Growing

Finally, it is worth noting that job security is a big concern for students, and it always has been. Many practical college students want to pick out a career path with plenty of career opportunities and a low likelihood of job loss. As previously mentioned, just about every company and industry needs accounting professionals in order to run smoothly.

Even with the creation of accounting software and its increased use, physical accountants will still always be necessary. Studies show that demand for accountants is forecast to rise by 18 percent over the next decade, which puts it well above the average growth percentile.

A degree in accounting might include courses in management principles, income taxation, fraud examination and accounting theory. If these appeal to you, then a career in accounting could be ideal for your future.

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