Top Career Opportunities for Sociology Graduates

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One of the most fascinating college majors that you can pursue is sociology, or the study of society, human behavior and social interactions. Sociology has a direct bearing on everyday life, which means that it can captivate your interest and feel like a really rewarding and interesting subject matter.

Sociology is also a great major to pursue for those who want a varied range of employment opportunities after graduation.

The following careers are some of the natural choices for students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from a traditional campus college or an accredited online college.

College Admissions Counselor

A natural fit for graduates with a degree in sociology is the position of college admissions counselor. This job involves traveling to school fairs and college events around the country to meet with prospective students, and it also typically includes lots of application sorting and one-on-one interviews with applicants.

If you enjoy working with others and you have a knack for understanding people, then working in this part of the education field can be ideal for you.

Peace Corp Volunteer

Many sociology majors graduate and want to use their knowledge to help others and make the world a better place. A wonderful way to do just that is to apply to become a Peace Corp volunteer.

A member of the Peace Corp could be assigned to almost anywhere on the globe, and the experience is often a rewarding one that also looks impressive on your resume in the future.

Foreign Service Officer

Sociology majors are well-equipped to work in the Foreign Service, which is branch of the U.S. State Department that deals with diplomatic affairs and operating the American consulates around the world.

Becoming a foreign service officer often means relocating to an exciting international destination and serving as a staff member at a U.S. consulate to help expatriates with things like applying for marriage licenses, renewing passports or dealing with immigration policies.

Social Services Case Manager

The skills you learn through a bachelor’s degree in sociology can help prepare you for a role as a social services case manager. Your tasks in this line of employment could include visiting families who wish to adopt children, touring foster homes, meeting with seniors in nursing homes and filing reports based on what you observe in an official capacity.

Market Researcher

Sociology majors can easily find work in the business world if they consider a role as a market researcher. This job involves creating surveys and then administering the surveys to everyday people who might buy a certain product or need a certain service.

You’ll find out whether advertising methods are successful, whether one commercial is more positive than another and whether men are more receptive to male or female radio ad voices. All this market research can be used by advertising staff to sell products.

Human Resources Manager

Every large business has a human resources manager, and sociology majors are the ideal candidates. HR managers oversee staff, act a liaison between employees and managers and handle administrative duties relating to the hiring and firing of staff.

By earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology, you can be ready to pursue any of these exciting and fulfilling careers. Learn more about online degrees and the accredited colleges and universities offering them.


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