6 Ways to Use Your Mathematics Degree

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CryptologyMathematics knowledge is a fundamental skill and a valuable asset to have whatever your career, but those who are fascinated by numbers might be drawn to majoring in math at the college level. Whether you plan to attend a nearby college campus or complete a math program through an accredited online college, you can expect to study courses like advanced calculus, differential equations, quantitative analysis and abstract algebra. After mastering these subjects and gaining an undergraduate in mathematics, you can go on to secure one of these exciting careers in the field.

1. Math Teacher

One of the most common employment paths for math majors is becoming a teacher. Since math is such an integral part of education, math majors are employable in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges. If you enjoy working with others and want a career that gives back, then becoming a math teacher can be a great fit.

2. Actuarial Scientist

Actuarial scientists take statistics and apply them to insurance models. This job is often a solitary one, which can be suitable for those who enjoy getting involved in their work and not needing to socialize extensively. Actuarial scientists are typically employed by the major insurance firms, and the pay as well as benefits for this kind of career can be impressive even if you only have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

3. Cryptographer

Cryptography is the study of hiding information or unscrambling hidden information. Math majors, who are able to focus on large projects with countless elements, are naturally gifted when it comes to solving puzzles and working in cryptography. Cryptographers can work in large security firms, but they are also in high demand at government agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA. These agencies may use cryptographers to protect state secrets and try to detect secret messages being passed through foreign assets or enemies of the state.

4. Financial Analyst

A natural fit for a math major is to work in finance, where measuring risk and determining profit are two primary tasks. A financial analyst might use their math skills to create a formula for the stock market in order to predict future behavior. Large banks, investment firms and even the government employ financial analysts of the highest caliber in order to anticipate future market movements and to determine what might happen if tax laws are passed or government spending is raised.

5. Political Statistician

If you enjoyed your college courses in statistics and quantitative analysis, and you have a passion for politics, then finding employment as a political statistician might be a fantastic career choice. This job involves collecting data to plug into a series of mathematical models that can help to predict winning candidates as well as what the public wants in a variety of different areas.

6. Biotechnologist

One of the fastest-growing fields out there is biotechnology, which requires heavily on both math and science. As a biotechnologist, you could put your math skills to the test and be on the forefront of discovery in cellular neurobiology or population genetics. Whether you are interested in working in politics, finance, science or education, earning a math degree can be a fantastic place to start your journey. Explore your options to earn a degree online in math or most any other subject from an accredited college.

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