What is the Outlook for Careers in Technology 2015?

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Technology CareersTechnology careers have long been a great choice, and many college students pursue degrees in technology, information technology or technology management in order to be eligible for these careers.

Along with what jobs are available right now, it is also important to look ahead and get a feel for the predictions for the future.

Find out what jobs, skills and degrees are most in demand as well as what you can do to improve your chances of securing a technology career after graduation.

Growth in the Field of Technology

Overall, the field of technology as a whole is forecast to grow even more over the year of 2015 and beyond. While all areas of technology will grow at a rate of 15 percent, as forecast by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certain areas of technology will grow faster than others.

Due to the rise of electronic medical records and billing, expect to see growth in the health technology field in particular. Computer and information technology careers are also on the rise, with a greater demand for those who hold graduate degrees and extensive experience in the industry.

Highest Salaries in the Tech World

The tech field offers some of the highest salaries in the world for candidates who only have an undergraduate degree. Of course, an advanced degree, additional experience or proven value to a company will increase your overall salary, but a bachelor’s degree in technology can also provide the foundation for average salaries of $100,000 and up.

As a computer and information systems manager, for example, you can earn a median salary of $120,000 each year, and data architects can earn just over $101,000 annually. Other high-paying careers to consider in technology include network architect, information technology auditor, systems analyst, biotechnology engineer and web application developer.

In-Demand Skills Among Hiring Managers in Tech Firms

Having a related degree is the first step toward securing a new career in the technology industry. In such a fast-paced and rapidly-changing field, however, hiring managers in 2015 will be looking specifically for candidates who have a few of the most in-demand skills and attributes.

Those who are familiar with the basics of programming and application development, for example, are necessary for most tech firms in 2015. Companies will also be looking specifically for potential candidates that have experience in project management, web development, business analytics and familiarity with harvesting and utilizing big data.

Fastest-Growing Technology Careers

If you are still in college, or you are still thinking about where you would like your career to take you, it pays to dive deeper into the fastest-growing opportunities in the field. Fast-growing careers are more likely to need new hires, which can mean that you are able to secure employment quickly after graduation and enjoy greater negotiating opportunities over your job contract.

In 2015, expect some of the fastest-growing careers in the field of technology to include that of computer systems analyst, medical information technology manager, software developer, computer programmer and database administrator.

By taking a closer look at 2015 outlook for technology careers, you can better prepare yourself for a successful and fulfilling position in the industry.

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