2015 Outlook for Graduates with a Business Degree

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african businesswoman holding clipboardIf you have recently graduated with an associate or bachelor’s degree in business, then you are probably ready to begin searching for a career that utilizes your skills. If you’re still a student, but you’re looking forward to graduation, you may be beginning the very same job hunt.

While there are many factors that go into the perfect job for any one person, an integral element is surveying the job market and capitalizing on the trends and growth in certain areas.

This 2015 outlook can help guide your job search for a business career the best fits your goals for the future.

Economic Growth, Increased Spending and Employment Rising

Whenever the economy does well, it is good news for businesses. When businesses do well, it is great news for recent graduates searching for employment. Predictions for 2015 show that the economy, or GDP, will grow at 3.3 percent over the course of the year, which is up from 2.4 percent in 2014. This growth will be funded in part by increased consumer spending, which means more profit for businesses.

Business spending is predicted to increase by 5 percent over 2015, much of which will go towards new employees. It is no surprise then, than 2015 predictions for unemployment see it dropping to 5.3 percent by the end of the year.

Increase in Telecommute or Independent Contractor Positions

One notable change in the world of business careers is the rise of nontraditional positions. Other industries have already embraced the idea of telecommuting positions or independent contractors, and the business world will likely follow suit in 2015. This is due in part to the concerns of rising healthcare costs as well as increased competition from blossoming small businesses.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business may enjoy the flexibility of independent contractor positions, but they should be aware of the challenges of not having a permanent contract. Telecommuting can be a great advantage for many business employees who enjoy working from home or setting their own flexible schedule.

Highest-Paying Business and Finance Careers

While there are several reasons that individuals pick certain jobs, there is no question that salary plays a big part, and financial security is important to many new graduates.

One of the highest-paying careers in business for 2015 that is within reach of fresh undergraduates is financial analyst, a role that helps businesses track spending and pays a median salary of $76,950. Other well-paid roles that you might consider in the business world are budget analyst, insurance underwriter and personal financial adviser.

New Career Developments in the Business World

As the trade deficit widens in 2015, there will be even more interaction between international companies. Whether bringing in international employees or working with foreign suppliers, large corporations will need new hires that can speak a foreign language in addition to English.

Translators and relocation specialists who are familiar with the business and financial industries will find it easier to find paid positions, and graduates with foreign experience may find themselves at a major advantage.

Anyone graduating with a business degree in 2015 will have a variety of career options, new avenues to explore and rising employment rates, all of which are good news in the business world.

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