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Think Outside the Box!Although business degrees are among the most popular choices for students today, many people still think that holding this degree will only get you in the door for traditional careers in the business world.

In reality, however, the diverse degree prepares you for any number of unexpected careers in a variety of industries. After you have earned your online bachelor’s in business, you  may want to pursue one of these five unusual careers that utilize what you learned in college.

1. Professional Business Coach

You might think of a coach as someone who trains athletes, but many corporate executives also want one-on-one motivation and attention. After all, many of today’s executives are even out-earning professional athletes!

As a professional business coach, you need to have an understanding of the business world, which is why a degree is necessary. You will also need to be an excellent communicator who listens well, can be very motivational and can help executives talk through their problems and find dynamic solutions.

2. Commercial Property Scouters

You might assume that a property scout is a job for someone in real estate, but large corporations often hire business degree holders to search specifically for properties that meet their downsizing or expansion needs. Your job might involve traveling around the world to see properties, taking photos and determining whether the space will be sufficient for the needs of the company.

One week, you might look at factors in Southern China, and the next week you could be scouting flagship retail shops in Manhattan.

3. Celebrity Social Media Manager

By earning a business degree and focusing on marketing or social media communication, you can prepare to become a celebrity social media manager. This job can be very exciting for someone who enjoys social media.

Your day might be spent responding to comments, creating new posts and discussing the direction of the social media profile with an actress, singer or politician. Since so many celebrities have millions of followers across multiple social media profiles, this can be a demanding but fun career choice.

4. Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Learning about the ins and outs of a business can prepare you to work for an existing company, but it can also give you the tools you need to start your own business.

Whether you have always dreamed of running a trendy food truck, an ice cream shop or a pet-sitting service, you can get your entrepreneurial start thanks to an online bachelor’s degree in business.

5. Product Tester

In many large corporations that make clothing, furniture, toys and more, it is important to ensure that the finished products meet safety standards as well as comfort standards. Safety and function standards can often be taken care of by machines, but only humans can verify if a product is truly comfortable or pleasing.

In-house product testers at a furniture company, for example, might sit and recline on sofas and give feedback on how to enhance the comfort of each product. Not bad work for a business major!

An online degree in business can be your beginning to an interesting career that you may not have thought about before.

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