5 Reasons to Earn Your Degree in Criminal Justice

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PolicemanOne of the most interesting degrees available online or through a campus setting is the criminal justice degree. Whether you want to find a career in law enforcement or in the courtroom or you just have a love of legal dramas, the subject matter and courses in this degree are fascinating.

If you are interested in pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, take the plunge and enroll today thanks to one of these five convincing reasons.

1. You’ll Have a Variety of Career Options to Choose From

One of the biggest reasons to earn a degree in criminal justice is to be better able to secure a job after graduation.

While there are plenty of career opportunities to choose from, graduates with a degree in criminal justice tend to gravitate toward positions like probation officer, corrections officer, criminal investigator, court reporter, courthouse administrator or paralegal.

2. Thrilling Line of Work

For some individuals, the prospect of doing the very same thing day in and day out is unsettling. Thankfully, a degree in criminal justice can set you up for a lifetime of excitement.

In a courtroom, no two cases are the same, and in a police headquarters each days brings new challenges and complications. While you will always be on your toes in this field, you certainly won’t be stuck in a rut or feel bored.

3. Criminal Justice is a Rapidly Growing Industry

On the tails of the most recent recession, which is still having an impact around much of the world, some industries are not forecast to hire a lot of new staff. However, some industries will always need trained professionals.

As long as there are criminals out there and laws to protect, there will be need for graduates in the field of criminal justice. If you are looking for a career that is virtually recession proof, then this field is a great place to start the search.

4. Long-Term Job Stability

Criminal justice has one of the lowest turnovers of any industry. This is great news for those who want to stick with a single career for decades.

While some students are interested in going from one type of job to the next, there is also definitely the possibility of finding a secure position with benefits that you will be able to keep all the way up until retirement, should you choose to do so.

5. Great Earning Potential

At the top of the list of reasons to earn a degree in criminal justice would have to be earning potential. While students pursue specific majors for a whole host of reasons, financial security is always important.

Should you go on to law school after earning your undergraduate degree in criminal justice, you might earn salaries over $200,000 a year. Even with just an associate or a bachelor’s degree, you can secure a high paying position like that of police detective or even an agent at the FBI.

Criminal justice degrees are rewarding, and they allow graduates to pursue a variety of fulfilling, secure and well-paid careers in a number of industries.


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