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Male Teacher With StudentsIf you know that you want to pursue a career in the field of education, then your first step toward that goal should be earning a related degree. A bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete and can be earned online, allowing you incredible flexibility and convenience.

Although you may be able to major just in education, there are also more specific majors to choose from that can give you an edge when it comes to getting hired after graduation. Here are some of the many popular majors in the field of education that you can choose from when deciding on your degree.

Earn Your Degree in Educational Studies

For those who are fascinated by the field of education but who aren’t sure that a career in the classroom is the right fit, majoring in educational studies can be ideal.

With this major, you will uncover common teaching methods, how to assess the work of teachers, what standards students should be held to and how to create curriculum. Graduates may go on to become corporate trainers, tutors, academic advisers or textbook writers for publishing companies.

Major in Elementary Education

For those who know that they want to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher after graduation, then a bachelor’s in elementary education is perfect.

Some of the courses you can expect to take include child development, literacy techniques and how to teach math, science and literature to young students. Most graduates will go on to teach in a classroom with students between kindergarten and sixth grade.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education

With a bachelor’s degree and a major in secondary education, you will be prepared to tackle the job of being a teacher at the middle school or high school level.

In your syllabus, you should expect courses such as implementing technology in the classroom, assessment strategies for teenagers and classroom management techniques. Most secondary education majors also major or minor in a specific subject that they can teach at the high school level. This could be science, social studies, English or even a foreign language.

Choose to Major in Child Development

Majoring in child development is a fantastic way to understand what influences children in their growth. Typical courses for those enrolled in this major might include personality development, cognitive function, developmental psychology and experimental techniques in child development.

Graduates that hold degrees in child development may go on to become counselors, social workers, teaching administration staff, child care specialists or research assistants.

Prepare for a Career in Special Education

If you know that you want to find work in a classroom and you also want to directly impact the lives of students with learning disabilities and physical as well as mental impairments, then consider majoring in special education. Your degree will include subjects such as understanding visual impairment, communicating through body language and learning new education procedures for students with disabilities.

Majoring in special education can lead to incredibly fulfilling careers for teachers who are able to work one-on-one with disabled or impaired students.

At the bachelor’s level, there are countless majors in the field of education that can specify your own education and help narrow your focus. Learn more about online degrees in education from accredited online colleges.

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