5 Reasons to Begin a Career in Sonography or Radiology

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SonographyWhether you are a fresh high school graduate or an adult ready to head back to school for a career rather than just a weekly paycheck, one great option is to earn a degree in radiology or sonography.

With the right training and education in these fields, you can go on to secure a challenging but fascinating career in the medical professional.

Read on to discover five of the many reasons to begin your career in sonography or radiology.

1. The Medical Field is Nearly Recession-Proof

If you are concerned with the potential for long term career and job security, then radiology and sonography are great fields in which to train. No job can ever truly be recession-proof, but there is no denying that some positions are far more secure than others.

Even if the economy takes a dive, people still need medical attention. Compared to jobs in finance or retail, which are far more volatile, healthcare professions like radiologists and sonographers have a very secure future.

2. Earning Potential in the Field is High

Another great to reason to consider a position in radiology or sonography is because the earning potential is fantastic. Radiologic technicians, who tend to hold either an associate or bachelor’s degree, can earn median salaries of $55,200 annually. If you chose to stick with this field for your entire career and worked your way up to being a radiologist, your income could climb to $276,000 in a single year.

3. You Can Get the Necessary Education Online

If you’re eager to begin pursuing a new career right away, you’ll be pleased to discover that in this field, online degrees are common. You could earn a bachelor’s degree in sonography or a bachelor’s degree in radiologic sciences from the comfort of home, if you choose to do so.

During your four-year degree program, you can expect to study subjects like radiographic procedures, medical vocabulary, anatomy, physiology and patient care.

4. You Get to Help Patients in a Tangible Way

One of the most convincing reasons to go into the fields of radiology and sonography is because you get to help patients every day as part of your job.

Whether you are helping new mothers to see their unborn babies for the first time with an ultrasound or helping to diagnose a person’s broken bone through an X-ray, these careers let you help others and go home each day knowing that you did something to make the world a better place.

5. Varied Positions and Potential for Promotion

Finally, it is worth noting that there is a serious career ladder in both these medical fields. With just a bachelor’s degree, you could find work as a radiologic technician, but you’ll need to get re-certified every two years to continue practicing.

If you choose to go for a master’s degree, or even eventually a doctoral degree, you could continue to climb up the ranks and secure a top position in the field.

These five reasons help highlight why careers and degrees in sonography and radiology are a great choice for any potential students.

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