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Human Resources CareersHuman resources, sometimes referred to as simply HR, is an important subject and a popular degree choice at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students who study human resources tend to be great communicators as well as individuals who enjoy talking with others and working closely with people from all walks of life.

If you consider yourself to be a people person and you’re gearing up to earn a degree in human resources, start planning for the future by taking a closer look at these six potential careers that fall within the scope of human resources.

1. Executive Recruiter

When companies want to hire top-level executives, they turn to executive recruiters to get the job done. The number of people qualified to tackle these challenging positions at the CEO and CFO level are limited, so it takes an experienced executive recruiter with a vast array of high-level connections to get the job done. Some executive recruiters work in-house, but many own their own firms and as in a consultant capacity for businesses as and when new executives are needed.

2. Employee Training or Education Manager

One of the most important roles of HR professionals is increasing the knowledge and ability of existing staff through training programs and development. An employee training or education manager might establish basic courses for new staff to learn the roles, or they might arrange for specialists to lead monthly programs so that all staff can improve efficiency while in the workplace.

3. Recruitment Specialists

In order to hire the best of the best, hiring managers need to have a wide pool of applicants to choose from. The job of the recruitment specialist in human resources is to spread the word about the company as well as any open positions.

A recruitment specialist might attend networking fairs at colleges, post new jobs on online boards and answer questions from potential applicants by email or on the phone.

4. Compensation Managers

In large corporations, there is typically at least compensation or benefits manager that is responsible for organizing the pay scale for new staff. If the pay is already organized, the compensation manager might be tasked with explaining benefits and organizing health care plans. In some cases, compensation managers may directly negotiate with potential employees regarding salary.

5. International HR Professional

Sometimes, the best candidates for a job are found overseas, which is why international HR professionals are needed. In this role, you might have to reach out to overseas job boards to seek applicants, arrange international video conferencing calls in lieu of face-to-face interviews or even arrange transport for applicants to fly in for a tour of the company. Speaking a second language is a definite bonus in this particular HR role.

6. Nonprofit and Grassroots Recruiter

One of the most challenging yet fulfilling careers in human resources is working as a nonprofit or a grassroots recruiter. In this role, you’ll work for a political group or charity, and your primary job will be rounding up volunteers, interns or those willing to donate to the cause.

By earning an online degree in human resources, you will be prepared for any of these six exciting HR careers.

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