Why Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies and Humanities Can Be Beneficial

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Young Online Student On ComputerNot every student has a specific timeline for the future. While you might know that you want to earn a college degree in order to take advantage of more career opportunities and greater earning potential, you may not have your heart set on a specific major or even a particular profession just yet.

That’s certainly okay, and one way to handle this situation is by earning a bachelors degree in general studies and humanities.

Find out some of the many reasons that earning a general studies degree can be beneficial to you and help prepare you for the future.

You Will Learn Valuable Life Skills

There are a number of different reasons that students decide to earn a bachelor’s degree, just some of which might include the chance to study a new subject, the chance to prepare for a new career and the chance to increase potential salaries. However, another reason is that attending college can provide you with a range of valuable life skills.

Whether you complete your degree program online or on campus, it will require dedication, perseverance, time management and strong communication skills. All of these valuable life skills are part of a general studies degree, helping you on the path to success.

You Will Get to Take Classes You Care About

One of the biggest perks of earning a bachelor’s degree in general studies and humanities is the fact that you can take courses that you find interesting. Some degree programs have a set curriculum that allows for very little wiggle room.

In a general studies program, however, you can take courses in archeology one semester, journalism the next and perhaps art history in the one that follows. While you will need to take some mandatory courses, you will have a lot more flexibility than with almost any other college degree.

You Will Still Meet Hiring Qualifications in the Future

One concern that some potential students have is that their general studies degree will be looked down upon by graduate schools or by hiring managers. In reality, that could not be further from the truth. Employers want to find employees who meet basic qualifications. In many cases, that means having a bachelor’s degree.

Whatever that degree is in, you will typically meet the minimum hiring requirements. Plus, the versatility of your curriculum means you might actually be better prepared for a wider range of jobs across several industries.

You Can Choose From Hundreds of Different Careers After Graduation

Since a general studies and humanities degree lets you focus on a variety of subjects during the four-year bachelor’s program, you can be eligible for all kinds of careers after graduation.

If you took a finance class and enjoy working with others, you might become a bank branch manager. If you enjoyed writing, you might become a copywriter or a technical writer. Other job opportunities for graduates include journalist, researcher, project manager, human resources executive, administrative assistant and artist.

Even if you’re still undecided about the best career path for your future, an online bachelor’s degree in general studies and humanities is a great choice to consider.

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