What to Expect From a Degree in Psychology – Child Development

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Child psychologist at workIf you want to become either a child psychologist or an educational psychologist, then you will need to start by getting the right education at the college level.

A psychology degree is a must, but it will also be vital to pick a focus like child development. This ensures that you are ready to tackle the unique psychological challenges that children have in contrast with those of adult patients.

If you are not sure how to get started with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and child development, read on to find out exactly what to expect in several key areas.

What to Expect…When You’re Applying For Admission

In order to becoming a practicing psychologist, you will need to earn a minimum of a master’s degree. However, the very first step of all will be applying for admission to a bachelor’s program in psychology, preferably one with a focus on child development. In order to be accepted into a four-year degree program, you may need to meet a handful of prerequisites set by the school.

These include basics like having a high school degree and possibly additional requirements such as having a minimum grade point average or standardized test scores.

What to Expect…When You’re Choosing the Right College

If you know for certain that you want to earn a degree in psychology-child development, you will need to find the right college that offers this particular program. Your biggest decision may be deciding between a traditional campus college and an online program.

In today’s technologically savvy world, earning an online degree can be beneficial in a number of ways including convenience, affordability and flexibility. Ultimately, however, it all depends on the teaching methods you prefer, what colleges you are accepted into and how far you live from the nearest college campus offering this program.

What to Expect…On Your Syllabus

A bachelor’s degree in psychology and child development will typically take students four years, or eight semesters, to complete. Online students may have more flexibility in this regard, and you can opt to take more or less time depending on your schedule. Either way, your bachelor’s degree syllabus will start with several general courses that might include history, writing composition or even a foreign language. As you progress, you will be introduced to key courses in psychology such as developmental psychology, adolescent psychology, cognitive psychology, emergent literacy and assessment techniques for child development.

What to Expect…After Graduation

Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree in psychology and child development, you will have the choice between entering the field right away to work or waiting to complete your master’s degree in child development. If you begin work right away, some of the potential careers might include teacher, research assistant or school counselor.

After earning your master’s degree, you can choose from a wider range of employment opportunities. Some of the many exciting and fulfilling careers in psychology and child development are researcher, behavior specialist or even school psychologist.

When you know what to expect, you will be better prepared to enroll into the right degree program and pursue a career in psychology and child development.

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