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Acupuncturist at workIf you are interested in science, the human body and health, then a career in medicine could be a great fit for your future. However, not everyone within an interest in health needs to go into the traditional medical field. Many students gravitate towards alternative medicine, sometimes also called natural health, which can also make a big difference in the lives of patients.

Discover more about some of the most interesting careers in alternative medicine and how to prepare for each.


By using tiny needles and placing them in key spots throughout the body, acupuncturists can encourage blood flow, improve circulation and even heal conditions ranging from infertility to migraines.

Working in acupuncture gives you a chance to have a hands-on connection to people, and it also lets you make a direct difference on the lives of your various patients. To become an acupuncturist, you will typically need to take an accreditation course in acupuncture or Oriental medicine.


Although chiropractors received doctoral degrees, they are often considered to be alternative medicine practitioners, though their assistance often complement’s a patients traditional healthcare route. Chiropractors treat problems resulting from the musculature system, the most common of which are neck and back pain.

Becoming a chiropractor takes an undergraduate degree as well as a formal doctoral degree from a chiropractic school, making it comparable in study length to that of a traditional doctoral degree in medicine.

Homeopathic Practitioner

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine with a 200-year history. Natural remedies, which are diluted or made into edible pills, are used to treat a range of ailments. Rather than trying to treat the symptoms of a disease or a physical problem, homeopathic practitioners seek to understand the root of the ailment and then treat it using whatever non-surgical resources are available.

There are varying regulations in place on a state by state basis for homeopathic practitioners. Those who want to gain greater legitimacy often study to become naturopathic practitioners.

Massage Therapist

Massage is a proven form of alternative medicine that can have a range of positive effects on the human body. Those who are recovering from an accident might see their recovery speed up after frequent massages, seniors can have improved circulation and athletes can deal with injuries faster. Massage therapists need to complete an accredited massage therapy course in order to become employed in their state.


While dieticians have to earn a master’s degree in order to become registered and practice in the medical field, nutritionists require less formal study.

However, they can be an integral resource for those who want to improve their health by switching up their diet. Nutritionists might help clients to lose weight or reduce arthritic pain by eating more anti-inflammatory herbs and spices.

Yoga Therapist

Yoga might be a great workout, but it is also a way for people to increase flexibility, improve circulation and even regain lost motor control. For those with high blood pressure or even depression, yoga therapists can be a tremendous help.

With a degree in natural health or alternative medicine, you can be on the right track towards these careers as well as several others in this fascinating and fulfilling field. Find out more about these and many other types of degrees at


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