The Growing Demand for Cyber Security Graduates

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Computer SecurityAs an increasing number of businesses and individuals rely on the Internet, it is more important than ever to have proper cyber security measures in place. Large-scale data breaches and hacks find their way into the news often, which only signifies that companies need even more protection in order to reduce their vulnerability.

Terrorism, identity fraud and an increased use of the Internet are just some of the many reasons behind the growth of the cyber security field and the increased need for graduates who can fill employment positions within that field.

Increased Attacks Against Companies and Government Agencies

Without question, the biggest reason that cyber security graduates are so in demand is because of the increased number of online attacks against companies and even political groups and governmental agencies.

Companies risk alienating their customers or having a negative image at large if they are susceptible to cyber attacks, so it is in their best interest to employ the very best cyber security professionals in the industry.

Typically, companies looking to reduce their risk of hacks and data breaches gravitate toward graduates with either a traditional or online degree in cyber security.

The Rise of Big Data Collection

Big data is the name for the millions of pieces of data that get harvested every time you visit a website or click on an advertisement. Advertisers, Internet providers and virtually all major corporations collect information ranging from the amount of time users spend on a page to how likely they are to click on a particular ad.

This wealth of information is helpful in many ways when it comes to marketing and advertising, but the sheer volume of data makes it hard to store securely. As a result, those who harvest big data are more likely to need additional employees trained in cyber security to know how to protect the data effectively.

International Terrorism Concerns

Terrorism is not a brand new concern, but it has become more of a cyber issue as groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda focus on gaining notoriety online as well as offline.

Some terrorist organizations try to hack government agency websites, break into the Twitter accounts of people like the United States President and even solicit support through social media.

In order to combat terror wherever it strikes, which certainly includes the online domain, it is important to have trained, talented and capable professionals with degrees in cyber security.

Growth of Internet Use in All Areas of Life

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the world relies on the Internet today more than ever before. Children are gaining access to the Internet and smartphones at younger ages each year, and adults are doing everything from banking to shopping online.

The more credit card numbers, personal details and correspondence there is over the Internet, the harder it is to protect. This, of course, results in the need for more cyber security graduates who can help businesses and individuals around the world better protect themselves online.

If you’re eager to take advantage of the growing need for cyber security professionals, there is no better way to prepare than through an IT or cyber security degree from an accredited online college.


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