Exciting Careers Through a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation

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Design & AnimationIf you have a passion for art and animation as well as plenty of tech-savvy, you might feel like you have to choose between two important areas of study when it comes to earning your college degree. However, you don’t have to give up either of your interests when you pursue higher education.

With a bachelor’s of science degree in computer animation, you’ll be able to express your creativity as you embrace the high-tech world. Classes could include everything from interactive media to understanding online sketching software. With a bachelor’s degree in computer animation, you will be ready to explore a variety of new careers, just some of which are outlined below.

Illustrators for Advertising Agencies

One of the most interesting and diverse career options you could pursue after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer animation is as an illustrator for a big advertising or marketing agency.

Think back to all the commercials, billboards, print advertisements or flyers you have ever seen with drawings on them. In high-budget projects, it is necessary for a trained animator to create illustrations that could go on to become household names or even iconic figures like Tony the Tiger.

This can often be a job filled with urgent deadlines and fast turnaround times, but it also lets you embrace your creative side with different types of projects on a regular basis.

Children’s Book Illustrator for a Major Publishing House

Although some book illustrators still use pencils, crayons or paper, those employed by publishing houses are increasingly likely to create illustrations using computer programs for the animation.

Many in-house illustrators for publishing companies partner with specific authors, often for children’s book, and they complete the artwork from the comfort of home. This can be a fun and fulfilling form of computer animation for the right candidate with a degree in art, graphic design or computer animation.

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Computer Animator for Video Game Company

Video games can’t be made without an extraordinary number of graphic artists and animators. Since there are hours and hours of potential game play footage that needs to be created, often in exceptional detail, there are often more animators involved in the creation of a video game than in that of a fully animated cartoon movie.

If you like video games and enjoy using computers to animate, then this career could be a thrilling fit.

Cartoon Film or TV Show Animator

When most people think of computer animators, they imagine the artists who create cartoon shows and animated films. Decades ago, the majority of what you saw on the screen of an animated movie was drawn by hand, but that is rarely the case today.

Instead, cartoon animators and illustrators use digital software to create movement, true-to-life backgrounds and characters that appear real. This can be a stable career since most animators are brought on for years to complete a full-length picture or the run of an entire cartoon series on television.

With a bit of creativity and some tech-savvy, you can enroll in an online bachelor’s degree program in computer animation and be ready to tackle any of these exciting careers within the field after graduation.

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