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Film IndustryCreating movies is an exciting prospect, but many aspiring filmmakers think that breaking into such a competitive industry is impossible. Thankfully, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While not everyone can be Steven Spielberg, there is plenty of room for countless film producers, video editors, camera operators, post-production editors and cinematographers around the world.

The key to being able to pursue your passions in film is earning the right degree to help secure a relevant position in the industry. An online bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking or video production could change your life in a number of incredible ways.

Find a Job Doing Something You Truly Love

Although it takes an average of four years to complete the bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking and video production, those students who opt to pursue the degree online can fit their studies around taking care of family or even working full time. All the effort will be worth the final result, which is the opportunity to pursue a variety of interesting careers in the filmmaking industry.

Being able to find a job that aligns with your passions, hobbies and interests can make it feel like you aren’t actually working. Some of the potential careers available to those with a bachelor’s degree in film studies include the following:

  • Sound Engineering Technicians
  • Camera Operators
  • Movie Producers
  • Television Show Directors
  • Digital Video Editors
  • Production Assistants
  • Cinematographers
  • Special Effects Producers

Command an Impressive Salary

Of course, even if your job is a lot of fun, you’ll still want to know whether it offers job security as well as a reasonable salary. Those working in the film industry may not enjoy substantial job security simply because projects tend to last for less than a year, requiring you to find a new project ever time a movie wraps.

However, that is certainly not the case for those who work on television shows for years, those who operate cameras year-round for news crews or those who work full-time for film production companies. As for what you could earn in this field, there is a lot of potential.

The median salary for camera operators and video editors tends to be around $47,000 annually, but those on the side of producing and directing earn closer to $71,000 annually. With experience, advanced education and a strongly demonstrated work ethic, those numbers could certainly rise significantly.

Have a Greater Knowledge of the Film Industry

Above all else, a bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking and video production will help you to gain more knowledge about this fascinating industry. It might inspire you to write your own screenplay or direct your own short film to enter into a competition, or it might help you understand exactly how much work goes into creating a full-length film.

Some of the subjects you can expect to master over the course of your four-year degree include the fundamentals of camera operation, basic cinematography techniques, video production, the ethics of broadcast media and even how to market a financially successful film project.

For those who love watching movies and dream about one day being a part of the film production crew, a bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking and video production can put you on the right path.

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