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Master's Degree in HandIf you compare the lifelong earnings of a high school graduate with a high school dropout, it probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that graduates are able to command much higher earning over the course of a lifetime.

The same rule applies to high school graduates and college graduates, with those holding a college degree having much higher average salaries throughout their lives.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, to learn that those with a master’s degree earn up to 20 percent more than their counterparts with just a bachelor’s degree. If you are ready to boost your earning power in a major way, consider an online master’s degree to get ahead.

An Online Master’s Degree Can Increase Average Salaries

While it is important to note that salaries can vary greatly due to factors like the state of the economy, geographic location within the United States and industry, it is also indisputable than earning an online master’s degree translates to higher lifetime earnings.

When you are able to present a graduate degree to an employer, you are signifying that you have taken your training and education to the next level. In some fields like government work or teaching, a master’s degree even automatically qualifies you for an increased salary.

An Online Master’s Degree Can Decrease Your Risk of Unemployment

Many people will deal with unemployment at some point in their lives. Whether it is a brief stint of a few weeks as you transition into a new career or a longer period of time where you can’t seem to a find a job, unemployment can be incredibly challenging.

Thankfully, one of the best ways to combat that particular predicament is by earning an online master’s degree. At any given time, those with a high school diploma face an 8.3 percent chance of unemployment. Those with a master’s degree, however, face just a 3.5 percent chance.

Gain Eligibility for Promotions Through a Master’s Degree

Another way that a master’s degree can greatly increase your earning potential today as well as a decade from now is by helping you secure a promotion. Even if two candidates do approximately the same work in the same office, the one with the highest qualifications will often be the one offered a promotion.

If you are ambitious, want to get ahead in your career or just want the increase in salary that comes with an advancement, then a master’s degree is a fantastic option in just about every industry.

Enjoy a Flexibility Schedule with an Online Master’s Degree

If you know that a master’s degree can help you get ahead, but you don’t know how to fit it into your schedule without quitting your job and putting yourself at a financial disadvantage, consider an online program.

Giving you the flexibility to study on your own terms and letting you skip the expensive commute to campus, an online master’s degree is the qualification that can boost your career and your earnings.

Ready to seriously boost your earning power? An online master’s degree in almost any subject is the ultimate way to increase your financial potential for a lifetime.

Find the right online master’s degree program that’s right for you.


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