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Student Celebrates Graduation With ParentsThere are several factors that combine to help you pick the right college degree. You might gravitate toward a specific type of major because it interests you, or you might lean in another direction because that field typically offers higher salaries. One thing all students should take into consideration is the demand for graduates. If you opt to earn a bachelor’s degree in history, will you have an easy time securing a job in your career after graduation? Discover some of today’s most in-demand majors to help determine the best choice for your education as well as your career future.

Graphic Design

A common belief, and fortunately one that is untrue, is that majors in art and design mean a future of instability or difficulty securing a job. To put that rumor to rest, consider a major in graphic design. Combining the digital age’s reliance on technology with the design and creativity you already love, this degree can be a fantastic choice. Many graphic designers are able to freelance, allowing them to pick and choose their clients, but they can also work in retail corporations, advertising companies or marketing firms.

Information Systems Management

Internet use in all areas of life is rising drastically, and that means there is more information that needs to be stored, managed and analyzed. Businesses require professionals with degrees in information systems management in order to make their websites more appealing, create more secure networks for interoffice discussions and guarantee financial security for their customers who might shop or bank online. If you are interested in computing and you want an in-demand degree with the potential to offer you an impressive salary right out of graduation, then consider studying information systems management.


After the economic downturn beginning in 2008, many aspiring college students are worried about pursuing a degree in finance. However, despite recent setbacks, a bachelor’s degree in finance can still be one of the best ways to help guarantee yourself job offers and employment after graduation. Those who excel in math and accounting may want to pursue earning an online degree in finance.

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering has always been an in-demand degree choice. Infrastructure, technology and other key areas of development are necessary to advance society and create a better place to live. Mechanical engineers will have a relatively easy time finding job offers after graduation, even compared to civil engineering and electrical engineering, which have traditionally had an even greater demand.


If you are interested in spending as little as two years earning an associate degree and then being able to almost definitely secure employment immediately after you graduate, then earning a degree in a healthcare field can be a safe bet. Personal and home care aides are the fastest growing jobs in America, in large part because of the aging Baby Boomer population and the idea of nuclear family, which means that the elderly are opting to live on their own rather than with their whole extended family. By choosing an in-demand college degree like the options listed above, you can set yourself up for greater security and financial success after you graduate. Discover your options to earn a degree online that can change your future!

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