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MBA GraduateThe Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a graduate level degree program that is in high demand among employers in fields like banking, finance, retail or travel.

It requires students to have first earned a bachelor’s degree, although the subject matter at the undergraduate level doesn’t have to necessarily be in business or in management.

If you’re committed to the idea of pursuing an MBA, a qualification that can help increase your salary potential and make it easier to secure the job of your dreams, then consider earning your MBA online through an accredited college.

Use this guide to learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for earning an MBA online.

The Application Process

Once you have chosen one or more universities offering an MBA program that appeals to you, it will be time to formally apply for a spot within that program. In most cases, you can apply online, although you may need to mail in hard copies of supporting documents as requested.

Even in an online program, spots can fill up quickly, so it is important to apply as many as six months before you plan to attend. Expect to need to submit your high school and undergraduate college diplomas as well as references from employers or mentors and any relevant test results.

Set Aside Time to Complete the MBA Program

Once you’ve been accepted to an online MBA program, be sure that you understand how long the program will take, since no two degree programs are alike.

Some require online students to participate in real time, meeting deadlines as the year progresses. Others offer plenty of flexibility, allowing you to take an extra year to work through the materials if desired. A third option is to participate in an accelerated program, which usually finishes in 18 months and is designed for those who want to graduate with their online MBA in as little time as possible.

Dive Into the Curriculum

Before you begin the program officially, it helps to familiarize yourself with the upcoming courses that will make up your curriculum. The exact subjects can vary greatly from school to school, but most students can expect to cover the following: communications, economics, business management techniques, performance assessments and evaluation, operations management, logistics, finance, accounting and marketing.

Understand the Ins and Out of an Online Education

An online MBA can be a more convenient option for students. Since it allows you to study, watch and participate from any location with an Internet connection, you don’t have to give up your job or relocate to be close to campus.

However, it will still require time and effort. In many cases, you can watch the recordings of lectures at your choice of time, and you can participate in online discussions according to your own schedule. Even exams can be done on your own, but some may need to be completed within a 24 or 48 hour window in order to be graded quickly.

Earning an online MBA can be the ultimate way to prepare for a better and brighter future, so knowing how to get started is key.

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