5 Major Advantages of Earning an Associate Degree

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Young College GraduatesAll too often, the associate degree is skipped over. Some individuals would prefer to gain experience in the field rather than earn a college education. Others don’t see the value in an associate degree and instead turn to a full bachelor’s degree in order to pursue their career goals. However, an online associate degree can be a tremendous help in a number of ways.

Whether you want to gain an advanced education as quickly as possible or you plan to use the two-year degree as a stepping stone to higher education, earning your associate degree online may be the perfect choice.

Discover just five of the countless benefits of earning your associate degree starting today.

1. Secure a Career, Not a Job

Without a college degree of any kind, it can be challenging to find more than just a job. You might be able to find an entry-level position, but it may not be one in an industry you like, one with benefits or one with the potential for growth over the next decade. If you want a true career, then you will need to put in the time and effort to study a specific subject and earn your associate degree.

2. Begin Your Advanced Education

As little as 19 percent of incoming freshman at public universities will actually complete their bachelor’s degree within a four-year period. Some drop out and others require more time to work through the curriculum.

An associate degree can be a great goal to help you on the path toward a higher education. An associate degree typically has 60 credits, which means that after graduation you will be halfway to earning a bachelor’s degree, should you decide that you want that in the future.

3. Gain Legitimacy in Your Industry

Even if you manage to work your way up the ladder with great performance and hard work, you might not be eligible for promotions and salary upgrades without a college degree. Earning an associate degree in virtually any subject will give you legitimacy when you go for interviews or apply for promotion within your existing company.

4. Earn More Money Over Your Lifetime

Typically, graduates with a high school degree earn 23 percent more than high school graduates with no college experience. Over a lifetime, this can add up to more than $500,000, depending on your geographic location and work industry. The bottom line is that if you want to make money this year, next year and over the entire course of your career, an associate degree is the best place to start.

5. Takes Just Two Years to Complete

If you like the idea of earning a college degree but don’t think you have the time, the associate degree has the added bonus of taking just two years, on average, to complete. Plus, you can opt to earn it entirely online through an accredited college, which makes it even more convenient and suitable for your busy schedule.

If you want to enjoy greater financial security and more career opportunities, then enroll today in an associate degree program from an accredited online college.

Discover the opportunities awaiting you to earn your college degree 100% online from an accredited college or university.


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