6 Areas of Design That You Can Major In

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Design CareersWhile some people choose to earn a degree because it pays well or offers security, others choose majors that allow for them to express their creativity. If you want to eventually find a career that you are passionate about, then pursuing a college degree in design can be a fantastic place to start.

Although you can major in design in general, there are also more specific options. From fashion to interior design, these six majors are a wonderful way to get ready for fulfilling careers after graduation.

1. Graphic Design

A great way to sum up the study of graphic design is to think of it as visual communication. The graphics that get designed are supposed to relay a message, which might be a brand, an idea or a product. Graphic designs might work for magazines, advertising companies or television companies in order to create logos, on-screen graphics or animation.

2. Web Design

Every time you click on a website, you are checking out the work of numerous people. There might be someone who takes the photos, someone who writes the copy and someone who organizes the layout and function of the page thanks to a web design degree. If you enjoy working with computers, have an interest in creating websites and also want to include creative elements into your daily routine, then majoring in web design could be ideal.

3. Video Game Design

Blending together elements of cartoon animation, storyboard creation and character development, video game design is a unique and fascinating major for the right students. If you are interested in a career in the video game industry, the best place to start is by earning a bachelor’s degree in video game design.

4. Interior Design

The structural elements of a house or a commercial building are vital, but so is how it looks and functions from the inside. Those who enjoy shopping for furniture and adjusting the color scheme in their own homes might thrive thanks to a degree in interior design. You’ll learn more about effective layouts, textiles and schools of design to create the perfect homes, offices and retail spaces for clients in the future.

5. Fashion Design

While many people enjoy shopping for clothes, a special group of individuals take it one step further and wants to learn how apparel is made. Majoring in fashion design gives students an inside look at the creation of garments, and subjects covered might include choosing fabrics, basic sewing, merchandising for clothing stores and analyzing new trends in the fashion industry. Graduates can go on to work as in-house designers for major brands or even develop their own designs in a small fashion business.

6. Landscape Design

If you enjoy working outdoors, bridge the gap between creativity and nature by majoring in landscape design. You’ll learn more about plants, outdoor layouts and ecology, setting you up for a career as a landscape architect, a garden groundskeeper or a horticulture consultant.

Design is a wide and varied field that holds a lot of potential. Consider earning your online degree in one of these six areas of design for a creative and fulfilling future.

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